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4 reasons your period has stopped – apart from pregancy

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4 reasons your period has stopped – apart from pregancy

Absent periods are quite common with an estimated 1 in 25 women affected at some point in their lives. Obviously pregnancy is the first thought that springs to mind when you’re period stops, but if you’ve done a test and it’s negative, there are other factors that might be to blame.

Your age

“Periods usually tend to become lighter with longer cycle length closer to menopause when they completely stop around an average age of 50 to 51,” says Kavita Singh, Consultant Gynaecologist at BMI The Priory Hospital in Birmingham.

If you’re younger than that, it could still be your menopause that’s causing your periods to stop. A recent study from Imperial College London suggests as many as 1 in 16 women may experience their periods ending due to premature menopause.

Your contraception

“Periods can also stop secondary to the contraception usage like Mirena, hormonal injections or implants,” reassures Kavita.

The contraceptive injection for example has been reported to affect as many as 7 out of 10 women, who all reported their periods stopping for up to a year after they’d had the injection.

Once you stop the method of contraception, your periods should return to normal, although occasionally problems can persist for a few months afterwards.

Your circumstances

If you’re periods have always been fine and are suddenly absent, take a look at your life as certain factors can cause your periods to stop.

For example, if you’ve just had a baby, it may take a while for your periods to get back to normal. “It is normal for women who are breast feeding to get no periods, which usually resume after stoppage of breast feeding,” says Kavita.

Other lifestyle factors that could lead to absent periods include stress, extreme weight loss or over exercising.

An underlying medical condition

Sometimes a missing period does indicate that something else is wrong.

“Periods can stop because of hormone imbalance like in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) where menstrual periods can become very infrequent, occurring every 2-3 months or become absent,” says Kavita.

Other symptoms of PCOS include weight gain, acne and excessive facial hair so if you suspect this is the cause of your absent period, make an appointment with your GP.

Thyroid conditions – both overactive and underactive thyroid – can also cause your periods to stop, while very rarely a lack of periods can point to something a little more serious.

“Rarely periods can stop secondary to hormone producing tumours of the ovary,” advises Kavita.

If you are on medication for other conditions, this can also cause a pause in your periods. Antidepressants, anti-sickness medications, as well as some medications for high blood pressure have been found to cause periods to stop.

If you haven’t had a period for more than 6 months, it’s definitely worth paying a visit to your doctor, and dependent on what they think, they may then refer you to a specialist.

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  1. Shan says:

    My period was too late this month almost 10days late I don’t know what to do this is my first experience that my period got late. Can u advice me ty!

  2. fathimath says:

    After I had bells palsy I stop my periods I want get regular periods

  3. jazz kilen says:

    My periods hv been delay for past 6 months .
    Acctually i had taken unwanted pills twice..
    I dont know why my periods hv stopped.
    Pls suggest me some tips to regular my periods..

  4. hobie says:

    my period is just okay..but the blood is not really come out really well..at first it was a lot and then there is nothing much..but after 2 day it just back to normal..can give some advice please!!??

  5. kisu says:

    I dnt hv my period for about a year now, i hv been to hospital nd i hv been given medications but still is not coming so pls what should i do, or is normal

  6. jennifer williams says:

    Hi i had my periode on November 28 , 2016 and me and my husband had unpertected sex with my periode on november 29, 2016 and then on november 30 , 2016 I still had my periode and it was slowing down in the afternoon and then on December 1, 2016 my periode is done douse that mean I’m pregnant I know it’s to earley to know but I don’t know why my periode had stoped.

  7. Neetu says:

    I have missed my periods 2 times and I m not pregnant I m very dipress as I’m not married yet. This my first time that I have missed my periods. Please help me out.

  8. Vidya says:

    Iam 45 yers. My period has been stopped.intimate reasons

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