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Open the champers – here’s why bubbles are best…

Wellbeing / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

Open the champers – here’s why bubbles are best…

It’s New Year’s Eve so it’s time to raise a glass of bubbly and see in 2015.

We’re sure that you don’t really need to be encouraged to partake in a bubble or two, but if you do need your arm twisted, here are 3 reasons why a glass of champagne can actually be good for you.

It boosts your memory
A recent study suggests three glasses of bubbly a week can improve your memory. The grapes used to make champers contain a compound called phenolic acid, which can help boost your memory and aid forgetfulness.

It’s good for your heart
Drinking champagne every day can also be good for your heart and circulation, helping to lower blood pressure. Thanks to the polyphenols it contains (chemicals from the grapes used to make it), champagne increases the availability of nitric oxide, a molecule which controls blood pressure.

It’s better for your waist line
A glass of champers comes in at just 90 calories, less then both red and white wine. Avoid calorific mixers, like orange juice, and add in a few glasses of water and your calorie count will be low and your hangover minimal.

Happy new year!

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