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What’s causing your spots?

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What’s causing your spots?

We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for an important interview or date and suddenly, there they are. An outbreak of spots, jeering at you in the mirror.

There are certain things that can trigger an acne explosion and thankfully there are ways – aside form wearing a paper bag on your head – of ensuring these pesky pimples take a hike.

What’s causing your spots?

Your period: Period-related pimples occur due to hormonal fluctuations during your cycle. Spots may appear a week before your period, usually around your chin, and do usually clear up once it starts. If your period is the behind your outbreaks, you may want to consider going on the pill as this can regulate your hormones and reduce spots.

Your pillow: Did you know you should change your pillow – and not just the pillow case – every six months? Not only do dust mites take up residence in pillows, causing a variety of allergies, but dirt and oil also get trapped there, causing spots. So if you’re getting spots on the areas where you have contact with your pillow, it’s time to go shopping for a new one. It’s also a good idea to choose pillowcases made out of natural fabrics as these are more breathable and transfer less oil and dirt to the skin.

Stress: Research has shown that stress can cause spots. This is because the hormonal changes created by stress increases the amount of oil your skin secretes, thus producing spots. You’ll be able to tell if stress is the culprit if you get breakouts around stressful times – like that job interview or date! Try yoga or meditating to help relieve stress and ensure you cleanse and moisturise thoroughly during stressful times.

Your make-up brushes: When was the last time you washed your make-up brushes? If never is the answer then they could be the cause of your latest eruption. Brushes collect bacteria and even yeast which can lead to spots. Wash your brushes every week with either a baby shampoo or special brush wash like MAC’s brush cleaner, £11, to ensure a spot-free complexion.

Your phone: If you notice that you get regular spots on the side of your face, it may be time to give your phone a good clean. Mobile phones are a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and this can cause spots, especially if you use it frequently. Give it a regular wipe with Milton Anti-Bacterial wipes, £2.29, which will help kill any yucky bacteria that’s lurking!

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