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This Is The Key To Happiness (And It’s Pretty Simple!)

Wellbeing / posted 5 months ago / Claire Blackmore

This Is The Key To Happiness (And It’s Pretty Simple!)

Think you’d be a gazillion times happier if you won the lottery?

As much as you would probably like to say yes – because of course you could go on gorgeous tropical holidays, quit your 9 to 5, pay off your mortgage and still have enough money left for an entire shoe annex and maybe a pony – you’d be wrong.

New research by the London School of Economics has found that good mental health and meaningful relationships make us happy, not money.

That gets the warm and fuzzies going doesn’t it?


On a scale of one to 10, the study found that doubling someone’s pay packet only increased their happy level by 0.2. However, having a partner saw a rise of 0.6.

We’re now going to start living our lives in the absolute opposite way to Andrea (Anne Hathaway) in The Devil Wears Prada. Work does not always come first. Sometimes we can leave on time and go for tapas and wine with our lovely boyfriend and best friends without feeling guilty.

It wasn’t all cheek-glowing good news though. Sadly, the largest dip in happiness – 0.7 – hit individuals experiencing depression and anxiety.

Professor Richard Layard, co-author of the study said: “This evidence demands a new role for the state – not ‘wealth creation’ but ‘wellbeing creation’.”

He believes these findings indicate a need for a societal shake-up.

“In the past, the state has successively taken on poverty, unemployment, education and physical health. But equally important now are domestic violence, alcoholism, depression and anxiety conditions, alienated youth, exam mania and much else. These should become centre stage.”

“Tackling depression and anxiety would be four times as effective as tackling poverty. It would also pay for itself.”

So there you have it, money doesn’t always make the world go round. Hold your nearest and dearest closer than ever this Christmas. They might drive you crazy, but they will make you smile inside. Promise.

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