Shark week, the blob – what do you call your period?

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Shark week, the blob – what do you call your period?

Many, many years ago your period was something to be a tad ashamed of, so some women decided that code names were preferable to shouting out ‘I’m shedding my uterine lining’ each month.

While we think period just about sums it up nicely, there are some interesting alternatives out theres – but what do you call yours?

On the rag

Mmm, not an obvious one but this alternative name originated during the late 19th century when women literally used rags to protect themselves from any accidents during their period. Women would layer the rags together, pinning them into their pants. They would then wash them out, ready for the next month.

Surfing the crimson wave

Made infamous by Cher in Clueless and her quote ‘I was surfing the crimson wave. I had to haul ass to the ladies’.

On the blob

This summons up images of over the top horror movies, yet is used by many to describe their period. It may allude to the fact you sometimes get clots – or blobs – of blood or perhaps it refers to the bloating and weight gain, making you feel like a big ole blob!

Shark week

We’re not sure if this refers to the fact that some women are likely to bite your head off during their period, or whether it’s alluding to the myth that sharks are more likely to attack you when you’re menstruating!

Aunt Flo is visiting

Everyone’s got an annoying relative who likes to visit but we’d like to think they wouldn’t leave you with cramps and a desire to eat your bodyweight in chocolate each month!

Ride the cotton pony

Another delightful name that refers to what you put in your pants, which obviously originated around the same time as sanitary towels – the cotton pony in this phrase. Well that’s unless some women actually ride around on ponies made from cotton during their period…

Have the painters in

Be careful about saying this if you’ve got the decorator in updating the house…

And the most hilarious one we’ve discovered on our alternative name search? In Denmark, when they talk about their period arriving, they apparently say ‘there are Communists in the funhouse.’

So, what do you call yours? Tweet us with your special name – don’t forget to add the hashtag #whatdoyoucallyours.

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