What chocolate bar are you?

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What chocolate bar are you?

It’s almost the end of National Chocolate Week – sob! To get us through this emotional time, we’re reaching for our favourite chocolate bar. If you’ve not got one, take our quiz to find out the chocolate bar most suited to you!

What do you HATE to eat or drink the most?

A. Milk
B. Any of those posh superfoods such as goji berries and quinoa
C. Nothing – I love anything, especially if it’s really unusual
D. Anything with carbs in it

What do you do in your spare time?

A. Yoga, meditate, make healthy smoothies
B. Bake, go to the movies, hang out with friends
C. Rock climbing, street dancing, scuba diving
D. Shop, take selfies and occasionally go to the gym

What’s your favourite kind of music?

A. You love anything chilled out – Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, James Bay
B. Anything that’s in the charts or played on the radio
C. Dance music
D. Whatever the fash pack’s listening to – probably some Kanye and a bit of Solange

If you were a movie character you would be…

A. Penny Lane (Almost Famous)
B. Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)
C. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
D. Miranda Priestly (A Devil Wears Prada)

Where are you most likely to go on a shopping spree?

A. H&M, mostly their Conscious Collection, or People Tree
B. Primark or New Look
C. Urban Outfitters or Henry Holland
D. TopShop, vintage stores or Net a Porter



Mostly As: You are Ombar Mylk

You may have allergies, which means normal chocolate is a no-go. Even if you are allergy-free, you embrace a healthy attitude to life, and can often be found whipping up a Madeleine Shaw recipe. You love feeling in tune with your body and enjoy your weekly yoga class, however, you still like the occasional chocolate treat.

Mostly Bs: You are Dairy Milk

You’re the girl next door – the one everyone wants to be best friends with. You’re great at listening and love nothing more than hanging with your friends. It’s not surprising that Mary Poppins is your movie idol! You know that a spoonful of sugar – or in this case a big bar of chocolate – always helps the medicine go down… or your period feel better!

Mostly Cs: You are Doisy & Dam Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hemp Seed

You are a go-getter with a capital G! You love taking risks and enjoy trying out new things – whether that’s crazy sports or unusual food (or chocolate) combos. You like to stand apart from the crowd and wouldn’t want to be spotted eating any old chocolate bar!

Mostly Ds: You are Ocelot Chocolate Bee Pollen & Mango Bar

Well hello Ms Fashion! You love to look your best and don’t mind the lengths you go to. Vampire facials, juice cleanses and steam cleaning your va-jay-ja  are all on your to do list and you’re the master of selfies. Chocolate rarely goes near your mouth, so when it does, it has to be the best quality and contain ingredients, like bee pollen, which are favoured by the likes of Victoria Beckham.

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