We’ve Launched The World’s First Vibrating Tampon… You’re Welcome

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We’ve Launched The World’s First Vibrating Tampon… You’re Welcome

When we first launched Pink Parcel back in 2014, we set out to make your time of the month a little bit better.

But “a little bit better” wasn’t good enough for us. We’ve listened to your stories about those awful monthly symptoms, and we decided that something needed to change.

Months of planning and research have led us to this day, the day that will change your time of the month forever. Beauty products, skincare, tea and chocolate aren’t enough to get us through those 4-7 days. They just don’t cut it anymore. You deserve better. And we’re going to give it to you.

world's first virbating tampon - pink parcel

Today, ladies, we’re over the moon to announce that we have invented the world’s first VIBRATING TAMPON, the ‘Pleasurepon’.

That’s right, now you really will look forward to your time of the month.

world's first virbating tampon - pink parcel

Every Pink Parcel subscriber will not only receive their monthly supply of their chosen sanitary products, chocolate, tea and treats – but from today, 1st April, everyone will also receive their very own vibrating tampon, the life-changing Pleasurepon.

It’s been a gruelling few months testing prototypes and getting it just right (*wipes brow*) and we’re so excited for you to try out the finished product.

Let us know what you think – and enjoy.

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  1. julie clee says:

    Really????? Because this is a really cruel prank if it’s an April Fools joke :-(
    I was actually getting ‘excited’ about the prospect of receiving this in my next box (excuse the pun) and obviously you can’t create a vibrating tampon… That would be impossible…Wouldn’t it???!!!! I think I am just too gullible…. bad pink parcel, bad!!!!!!!

  2. Vicki says:

    I’m actually heart broken this isn’t a real thing ????

  3. Hannah Pilkington says:

    Ha ha,very funny

  4. Melissa says:

    Actually it was a real thing years ago, it was called the Vipon and it was invented by a man!!

  5. Gorza says:

    I knew it was a gag from the getgo since they claimed to be “the first to offer a vibrating tampon”. As a previous poster said, the Vipon was invented years ago by a man who wanted to help ease his wife’s severe cramps every month. As someone who finds relief from cramps so severe they are literally debilitating by direct manual massage of my uterus, I find this in poor taste. I am afflicted with PCOS and endometriosis and have noticed that medication is losing its effectiveness as I age. As such, my main source of relief is from the massage I mentioned above, which is what the Vipon did. Someone stumbling actoss this after hearing about the Vipon’s benefits and unfortunate discontinuation isn’t going to find it so funny. I’m usually the one to scoff at people’s lack of a sense of humor, but this is just juvenile and asinine in its presentation (I get that that was the aim, but it gailed to have the desired comical effect) in addition to creating a false hope for someone.

  6. Ines says:

    It exists. Is called Tamia and is a swiss invention. And best thing, it really works.

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