#TabooTuesday: 4 Ways To Ease The Hell That Is Thrush

Wellbeing / posted 3 months ago / Claire Blackmore

#TabooTuesday: 4 Ways To Ease The Hell That Is Thrush

Ants in your pants? Don’t suffer in itchy, itchy silence. It’s likely that you’re suffering from our good old friend, thrush.

It’s a fungal infection that’s usually brought on by an over-production of yeast in the vagina and causes heaps of irritation, swelling, occasional skin cracking and a serious need to scratch. Yay for us.

Annoyingly it’s pretty common, with up to 75% of women experiencing it at some point during their lives – half of them suffering the dreaded irritation more than once.

On the flip side though, it’s super easy to treat. Book in with your GP (we recommend this for serious or first time cases) or shuffle to the nearest chemist for some Canesten.

While you wait for your antibiotics to kick in, these recommended self-help methods are meant to ease the itchy hell…

Have A Bath (Sans Bubbles)

Washing your vagina with water can help soothe the pain, just please, please avoid anything that smells like heaven aka perfumed soaps, shower gel, the bubble bath you stole from that spa hotel…

Avoid Jiggy Jiggy

Latex condoms and lube tend to mess with your ladybits if they’re on the sensitive side so avoid having sex if you use either of these. Chances are it’s the last thing your sore, burning, swollen vagina wants anyway.

Lay Off The Lycra

We’re not for a second suggesting you’re up for a gym class at this painful moment in time, but if you’ve got your favourite comfy leggings on at home, these could be irritating your vagina. Get rummaging around in your pj drawer for the baggiest bottoms you own and wear them all week.

Ditch The Sexy Knickers

If you’re anything like us, you love any excuse to bring out the granny pants. Throw your pretty lace thong in the washbin and rock those cotton Bridget Jones’ with pure pride.

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