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New to the UK is the super sleek and stylish U by Kotex Click Tampons collection. These applicator tampons are so small, they discreetly fit in your purse or pocket. They go from compact to full-sized in one easy move to offer complete protection. Just pull until you hear the click and it's ready to use.

Each tampon expands all around for total protection in every direction and includes a smooth tip for quick and easy insertion. U by Kotex Click Tampons also come in three absorbencies to suit your cycle best: Regular Tampons for a light to moderate flow, Super absorbency for a moderate to heavy flow and Super Plus for a heavy flow.

Compact and convenient to carry, the tampons come packaged in three gorgeously bright colours. It's always nice to have something cute and colourful to perk up your day! They also feature an easy tear opening, and the packaging makes it easy to slip the used applicator back into the wrapper for disposal.

Another exclusive for you - we  also offer the U, By Kotex Sleek Tampons range. These super slender full size applicator tampons offer complete protection and come with PerfectTouch Grip for “just right” placement. The applicator has a silky feel to fit your body and a smooth tip for easy insertion.

U, By Kotex Tampons are designed to fit your cycle, lifestyle and flow. For more product information visit the U By Kotex website. 

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Sarah Jackson
Love these :) I have them in every size, and because they are smaller than others they are much easier to put in! They expand after you put them in, so no worries about leaking. I tried some from every brand, just to see which one I preferred, and this one is definitely my favourite. The wrapper holds up in my purse, which is an added bonus.
Sarah Jackson
I like the grip on the applicator, I also like the packaging (I know, but it's much cooler in your cabinet than other brands) and applicators come in assorted colours. They are also very effective at their job. The retractible stick never comes out like other brands I’ve tried, so you’re not having to rethread them (who likes to do that;).
 Kyra Hall
These tampons are absolutely awesome! So cute, and I like the new packaging and how easy they are to open individually. I have yet to try the "click" version of these tampons. So far I like the "sleek" version. They fit great in your purse and they have an easy sliding applicator compared to the old applicators where you had to kind of shove them in. If you know what I mean. Anyway. Great product.
Kyra Hall