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Need to know when your next period is coming? There’s an app for that!

Period stuff / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

Need to know when your next period is coming? There’s an app for that!

Don’t know when you’re next period is due? Don’t worry, all your need is your phone and one of these apps.

In this day and age, it’s hardly surprising that your phone can now help you understand your cycle better. Some are very basic, while others can even give you some insight into why you’re desperate to stuff your face with carbs and stay on the sofa on certain days of the month…


Not only can you use this period tracker app to keep notes about your cycle, but the more you use it, the more in tune with you it becomes so it accurately predicts how your cycle works. It gets extra points because it’s not pink. While obviously we’re partial to the colour, we also realise that it’s not for everyone and it’s nice to see an app for women that’s so stylishly designed.
Free on iPhone or Android

Hormone Horoscope

This app by health and lifestyle journalist Gabrielle Lichterman does so much more than just track when your next period is due. Each day you receive a period horoscope, letting you know exactly how you’ll feel. It also explains in non-science terms why you’re feeling that way as well so can be useful to help you get a handle on cravings or those cranky times of the month!
Free on iPhone or Android


When you live a busy life it’s easy to forget to take you pill, so this simple app will remind you. It also acts as a planner so you know when to visit the doctor to get another prescription, but our favourite element, is the prediction feature, which allows you to plan your holiday according to your period meaning you won’t have any nasty surprises while you’re in the pool…
Free for iPhone, with in-app purchases starting from £1.99

Lady Biz

A step up from your more basic period tracker, this one features cutesy rabbits and is a great app for both teens just starting their periods as well as those with more established cycles. Not only does it track your cycle, but it also includes fun features such as an inspirational quote of the day, a game where a bunny has to catch tampons and towels and music to lift your mood on those cranky PMS days.
Costs £2.49 for iPhone

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