This video shows just how stupid the tampon tax is!

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This video shows just how stupid the tampon tax is!

The debate over tampon tax is back in the news again after MP Stella Creasy forced fellow MP Sir Bill Cash to say the word tampon during a debate.

It’s pretty obvious why it’s ridiculous that tampons are taxed as a luxury – especially when caravans, jelly shots and cake decorations are deemed as non-luxury items and therefore not taxed – but it seems those in power don’t agree.

Now a group called Luxuriously Taxable has created this totally-apt video to show just how essential and non-luxury tampons are.

Approximately £430 million is spent on sanitary products every year in the UK alone, which means a huge £21.5 million is raised through the 5% tax.

Unfortunately we’re still some way from seeing tax scrapped on sanitary products as last week MPS voted to keep the 5% VAT, but let’s hope videos like this and Laura Coryton’s petition will one day see our monthly essentials tax-free.

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