The Happy List

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The Happy List

British summer time is here in all its drizzly glory: while your umbrella dries out, here our four things to make you smile this week:

The Definitive Festival Footwear

As festival season kicks off with Glastonbury on 22 June, a sturdy pair of wellingtons will become the most useful piece of kit in your wardrobe. With a fully waterproof design that has been in manufacture since 1956, the Hunter boot comprises 28 parts that are hand assembled – making them durable and, more importantly, super comfy. It’s easy to see why they’ve become the go-to brand for many a celeb. They may be expensive but this is one item we can guarantee you’ll be wearing for many years to come.

Wellingtons in Hunter Green, £90, www.Hunterboots.com

Wellingtons in Hunter Green, £90, www.Hunterboots.com


The Scents to Transform Your Mood

What is it about a certain perfume or scented candle that can turn our day from argh to ahhh? Of our five senses, smell is the only one with a direct link to three parts of the brain that affect our memory and emotions. When we smell something nice, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin – the feel-good chemicals – making us feel good in turn. So we were excited to introduce our subscribers to something very special this month. 

June’s box contains a hand–poured soy wax melt from English brand Imperial Candles. These 100% natural wax melts release a fragrance for up to 30 hours. Unlike candles that burn with a wick, you place wax melts in an oil burner, light a tea light and allow them to slowly warm up and release their scent. Expect a variety of fruity flavours – all you need to do is sit back and relax!

Imperial Candles Wax Melts, free in June's box

Imperial Candles Wax Melts, free in June’s box


The Hobby That Improves Your Mental Health

Last week the Kings Fund published a report praising the health benefits of gardening. Aside from the physical advantages that a spot of horticulture brings, the report also highlighted the benefits for mental health and an ageing population – advocating for gardening to become a ‘mainstream’ part of healthcare. So whether it’s a pot of basil on your windowsill or full on topiary in your backyard, give it a go.

Pots, from £4, Oliver Bonas

Pots, from £4, Oliver Bonas.

The Last Minute Father’s Day Present

Dodge the novelty slippers and give the gimmicky beer a miss: this Sunday 19 June gift your Pa a proper prezzie for Father’s Day. This Friday Night Curry Discoverer subscription contains all the fresh spices, ingredients and recipies you need to make a curry from scratch every month. Each box contains enough for four people and will fit through a standard letterbox – giving you the excuse to go ‘just pop over’ for dinner more often!

Three month curry subscription, £20, www.notonthehighstreet.com

Three month curry subscription, £20, www.notonthehighstreet.com

What’s making you smile this week? Let us know in the comments!


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