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The dangers of skinny jeans

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The dangers of skinny jeans

Thanks to the likes of Kate Moss and Jessica Alba, skinny jeans are a staple of most modern women’s wardrobes. While they may look super stylish, they may not be so good for your health.

They can cause swelling

One unlucky Australian skinny jeans wearer suffered from swollen calves as a result of developing compartment syndrome. This is a painful condition caused by bleeding or swelling within an enclosed bundle of muscles. Her jeans were so tight that they cut off circulation, caused her to collapsed and resulted in a 4-day hospital stay!

They can damage your nerves

Wearing skin-tight items of clothing – this also includes control underwear such as Spanx – can create a condition called Meralgia paraesthetica. This is when the nerve on your outer thigh is compressed, due to constrictive clothing, causing a burning, tingling sensation in that area.

Team your skinnies with high heels and you’re asking for double trouble as the heels cause the pelvis to tilt, increasing pressure on those nerves.

Thankfully, this is not an irreversible condition – alternating your skinnies with looser clothing will soon lessen the compression and the pain.

They can give you digestive problems

Skinny jeans are often snug around the waist, and unfortunately this can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, heartburn and a whole lot of burping.

This happens because the pressure of the waistband on your stomach means that any food you eat doesn’t digest properly, thus causing problems, especially if you already suffer from reflux or heartburn.

They can give you thrush

You know how skinny jeans are tight all OVER? Well, it’s not great news for your lady bits. In fact, skinny jeans are a dream for thrush. The tight fit creates a humid environment, which yeast just loves.

You’re more prone to thrush at certain times during your cycle, in particular the week before your period starts. So if you suffer from pre-menstrual thrush, stick to boyfriend jeans during that week – you can don you skinnies later in the month!

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