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If you suffer from heavy periods, iron supplements could be your period pal

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If you suffer from heavy periods, iron supplements could be your period pal

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who suffers from heavy periods, iron supplements could be the answer, according to new research.

A new study by researchers in Finland have discovered what they hope could improve the quality of life for those women who suffer from heavy periods, known as menorrhagia.

Apart from being a nuisance, heavy bleeding can also cause iron deficiency and anaemia, which happens when red blood cells can’t be made by the body. As well as making sufferers look pale and feel tired, anaemia can also cause shortness of breath, headaches, ulcers, and hair loss.

The research by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hyvinkää Hospital in Finland looked at 236 women who suffered from heavy menstrual flow and found that 27% were anaemic,while 60% were iron deficient.

The women, who underwent surgery to improve their periods, reported an improvement in their general health a year later. This included a significant increase in energy and a decrease in anxiety and depression.

Obviously having a hysterectomy isn’t a realistic option for most of us, but iron supplements could give the same benefits.

“Many doctors might think that anaemia and iron deficiency will correct (naturally) once heavy menstrual bleeding is treated,” says Dr. Peuranpää, who led the research. “Our study shows that the correction of anemia and iron deficiency will actually take a considerable amount of time.”

If you suffer from heavy periods and think you could do with a boost, pay a visit to your GP to get your iron levels tested. While it won’t alter how much blood you lose, it could well improve how you feel, not just during your period, but for the rest of the month as well.

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