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10 reasons – except pregnancy – for a late period

We’ve all been there… Wondered just exactly where our period has gone to and and wondered if possibly, even though the chances...

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Period stuff

Could you period be making you anxious?

Do you ever find yourself having a really anxious moment and not understanding why? It could be that your period is causing...

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4 reasons to be kind today

It’s International Kindness Day today, which encourages us all to be kinder to one another. However, even though you might be doing...

Period stuff

Stress can stop your periods – here’s how!

Did you know that stress is one of the major reasons behind missed periods? Stress can cause many physical effects such as headaches,...

Period stuff

The real reason you’re craving chocolate

What’s your PMS craving? Well whether it’s chocolate or a big packet of crisps, your craving might be more than just a...

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What’s causing your spots?

We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for an important interview or date and suddenly, there they are. An outbreak of spots,...

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Release your inner child – and relieve stress at the same time!

Remember when you were little and you played every single day? It was fun wasn’t it? Then you grew up and the...

Is chocolate good for you? Health benefits of chocolate
Period stuff

Is Chocolate Good for You? 7 Health Benefits of Chocolate

It’s almost Easter, so what better reason than to tuck into a family-sized bar of chocolate today? After all it is practically...