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How to survive Christmas on your period

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Your period doesn’t care if it’s Christmas Day – it just arrives as usual, spreading...

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7 unusual ways to get your chocolate fix today

Not that we ever need an excuse, but as it’s National Chocolate Week, we thought we’d take a look at different ways to...

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6 alternative ways to deal with PMS

Whether it’s intense weepiness, sore boobs or horrible bloating, PMS affects everyone in different ways. While conventional medicine – such as the...

Angry woman
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What’s making you angry?

We’re all familiar with the, often male, view of PMS – that it turns ordinary, rational women into weepy, angry harridans –...


5 reasons crying is good for you

While some women never experience the highs and lows that is PMS, for some of us monthly tears are just a thing. It...

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Suffering from PMS? There’s a pill for that

You can pop a painkiller if you have stomach cramps, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a pill to...

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How to kick your salt cravings

Every women has a different pre-period craving, but for many the devil is salt! Even though salt tastes darn good, it doesn’t...

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12 things you’ve definitely done while on your period

Guilty of any of these during your period week? We certainly are… 1. Bought the ingredients for a leafy stir-fry on the...

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The real reason your period makes you feel fat

We know that periods can cause you to bloat, but your brain is also guilty of creating those period fat-days! Do you...

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How to survive the festive season on your period

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Your period doesn’t care if it’s Christmas Day – it just arrives as usual, spreading...

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Menstrual leave is a thing in some countries…

A leading doctor believes that women who suffer with their periods each month should get paid leave. Gedis Grudzinskas, a professor in obstetrics...

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Sore boobs? Here’s how to deal with them

If it’s not enough that we bleed and have cramps each month, some of us also get to experience the joy that...

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Could you period be making you anxious?

Do you ever find yourself having a really anxious moment and not understanding why? It could be that your period is causing...

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Could a vitamin K injection help period cramps?

Research has shown an injection of vitamin K could help reduce period pains. For many years, injecting vitamin K in a specific acupuncture...

Woman carrying a pumpkin

4 reasons to eat pumpkin today

Instead of carving a Halloween lantern out of a pumpkin this year, why not eat it instead? Whether you choose to make...

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4 quick and easy cramp busters

A huge 9 out of 10 women suffer from period pains each month. Here are some easy ways you can help to...

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 07: Young female fans are seen qeueing at the One Direction promotional store opening on Pitt Street on April 7, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. The store is the only official One Direction merchandise retail venue in Australia and will only be open until April 20. One Direction kicks off their Australian tour in Sydney next week. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)
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8 ways having a period is just like being a One Direction fan

There isn’t a day goes by when we don’t think of the fab four – you know, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam –...

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The doctor who thinks women can’t make decisions on their periods

With campaigns such as The Everyday Sexism Project and actress Emma Watson speaking out about gender equality, it seems now is a...

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6 juices to beat PMS symptoms

It’s Friday and you want to kick back and celebrate that work is over for another week. Instead of reaching for the...

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How to stay calm: 7 tips for instant calm

Whether it’s someone pushing in front of you in a queue or the kids leaving wet towels all over the bathroom again,...

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Could homeopathy cure your PMS?

If you suffer from bloating, pre-period cravings or other PMS symptom, homeopathy could be just what you need. “Homeopathy is a form...

Woman with mirror

How to deal with adult acne

Thought spots were only for teenagers? Think again. One in 20 women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from problem...

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5 reasons you should be exercising on your period

There’s no excuse not to hit the gym when you’ve got your period – in fact, it’s the perfect time, and here’s...

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Satisfy your PMS cravings without piling on the pounds

We recently asked you to share your PMS cravings with us on our Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, chocolate came out tops but other...

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5 quirky mood boosters

Forget lavender spray or doing some exercise and instead try one of these alternative ways to take you from bleurgh to bursting...

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6 foods to help ease PMS

Irritable? Miserable? Or just plain cranky? PMS can wreak havoc with your mood but adding these foods into your diet should help...

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If you suffer from heavy periods, iron supplements could be your period pal

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who suffers from heavy periods, iron supplements could be the answer, according to new research....

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6 ways to beat the dreaded PMS bloat

Your jeans suddenly feel tight and you’re burping more than Aunty Ethel after a big Sunday lunch – the bloat is back....

Woman holding a cup of tea
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6 teas to help beat PMS

Tea is always a comforter, but some teas are better than others when you’re going through your menstrual cycle. We’ve picked the...