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Angry woman
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What’s making you angry?

We’re all familiar with the, often male, view of PMS – that it turns ordinary, rational women into weepy, angry harridans –...

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The rather enjoyable secret to busting period pain

No-one enjoys getting period cramps, however, there is quite a fun way to get rid of the pain – and it’s free!...

Embarrassed woman
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12 things you’ve definitely done while on your period

Guilty of any of these during your period week? We certainly are… 1. Bought the ingredients for a leafy stir-fry on the...

Period pain
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Menstrual leave is a thing in some countries…

A leading doctor believes that women who suffer with their periods each month should get paid leave. Gedis Grudzinskas, a professor in obstetrics...

Woman having vitamin k injection
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Could a vitamin K injection help period cramps?

Research has shown an injection of vitamin K could help reduce period pains. For many years, injecting vitamin K in a specific acupuncture...

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4 quick and easy cramp busters

A huge 9 out of 10 women suffer from period pains each month. Here are some easy ways you can help to...

Woman putting on trainers
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5 reasons you should be exercising on your period

There’s no excuse not to hit the gym when you’ve got your period – in fact, it’s the perfect time, and here’s...

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How to cope with painful periods

Periods and pain go hand in hand for many women. It’s thought that approximately half of all adult women experience pain during...

Young man with anxiety expression
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Calling all men! This is what having a period is really like…

Pharrell Williams doesn’t understand us women – especially when we’re on our period. In a recent interview, the Happy singer said “Women...