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Say What?! 19 Stoopid Sayings We Use For Periods

Here at Pink Parcel we like to call a spade a spade, or should we say a period a period. We reckon...

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Women tweet about their periods and it’s very funny!

Here at Pink Parcel we like to shout about our periods. After all, where’s the shame in having something that affects every...

Sanitary towels
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7 alternative uses for sanitary towels

We all know what a sanitary towel should be used for but if you’ve got some left over from your Pink Parcel...

Embarrassed woman
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12 things you’ve definitely done while on your period

Guilty of any of these during your period week? We certainly are… 1. Bought the ingredients for a leafy stir-fry on the...

Tampons, from the article:4 Reasons Why Your Period Has Stopped (Except Pregnancy)
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Imagine if men made tampon commercials

A comedy group from New York have created their own unique tampon ad – as made by men. Hammerkatz, a sketch group...


Would you wear a tampon earring?

We love British fashion. It’s always brilliant and often slightly bonkers however, we’re not so sure what we think about Meadham Kirchhoff’s interesting...

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This is what Hollywood thinks having a period is like

Hollywood likes a stereotype. The brooding, handsome hero. The pretty, but dim, heroine. Good overcomes evil. Women on their periods become evil...

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Shark week, the blob – what do you call your period?

Many, many years ago your period was something to be a tad ashamed of, so some women decided that code names were...

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5 ridiculous period myths

While some of these myths go back to ancient times when menstruating women were seen as unclean, worryingly, others are more recent…...