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Stress Can Stop Your Periods – Here’s How!

Period Tips, Help and Advice / posted 3 days ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

Stress Can Stop Your Periods – Here’s How!

Did you know that stress is one of the major reasons behind missing periods?

Stress can cause many physical effects such as headaches, upset tummies, chest pain and insomnia. It can also have a big impact on how your cycle functions. Your monthly cycle is regulated by a particular set of hormones. If the balance is upset by something like stress, then it can interfere with your period.

Some experts believe that it takes a one-time high stress event to really mess with your cycle, such as a death or job loss. Going through stress like this is likely to remove your period altogether.

However the stresses of everyday life such as deadlines or the general work-life balance juggling act can definitely cause your period to become irregular, so while it may not stop altogether, it may not come when you expected it to.

Why can stress stop periods?

The stress hormone cortisol impacts how much oestrogen and progesterone you produce. If you have too much cortisol it can affect everything from the flow and length of your cycle, as well as when it’s due to arrive.

There’s also a theory that the loss of your period at stressful times goes way, way back. Focusing on survival means that your body shuts down hormones needed to reproduce so that you don’t get pregnant in a threatening and scary environment.

Getting back to a normal cycle

The obvious way to get your period back to how it used to be is to remove the stress from your life.

If you’ve gone through a traumatic event and you’re finding it hard to feel like you again, engaging in a little therapy could help you feel saner and help you get your cycle back on track.

It’s hard to remove everyday stress from your life, however, you can handle it better, which in turn should help your periods return. Some great ways to bust that stress include:

  • Exercise: Working out releases endorphins, which makes you feel better. If you feel really stressed, try something like boxing, which will release all those pent-up frustrations!
  • Eating well: During really stressful times it can be hard to eat well but ensuring you’re getting a balanced diet is essential to help you cope. Step away from the takeaway and instead eat nuts, broccoli, salmon and dark chocolate – all of which have properties to help reduce your stress levels.
  • Learning to say no: If you feel overwhelmed, then it’s time to start saying no. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it does makes you a healthier one.
  • Taking time out: When stress hits it can be hard to have fun. Try and enjoy a night out with friends or partake in a favourite hobby. This allows your brain and body to have a break from the stress in your life.

If your periods have stopped and you don’t think it’s stress related, read 4 reasons your period has stopped

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  1. shazia says:

    my father died and my brother gave us v bad time because of this my period are not happening and i have chest pain which goes in to my left arm i went to emergncy they said its muscular pain they done my ecg on safer side i want too know how can i get my peroids back i am 46 years old

  2. Cheryl Foster says:

    I have this problem where I had a period.. then it stopped and my boobs are still sore as if I’m coming on again. Usually they stop hurting when I come on but they didn’t.. kept continuing to get sore. I’m definitely not pregnant. I’ve been through alot of stress and wondered if this is why? My boobs are killing me. :(

  3. Eric Anderl Nyan says:

    For about one and half year now my wife is not having her period and l don’t know why and how come. Medical test has been conducted and is not pregnancy also so help me with all the factors undermining her period. Thanks

  4. Karen White says:

    Since my daughter was murdered I haven’t had a period. I haven’t seen my Dr yet, but I know I’m not pregnant. I believe it is the stress from losing her.

  5. Eleanor says:

    I lost my dad three months ago and I was extremely close to him. It has affected me the most out of my siblings and my mom and I am still finding it very hard. My period has stopped and the last time I had periods was just after his death. Could this be the reason why it stopped? I skipped two months now.

  6. Kirsch says:

    Had a big change of tasks in my job, causing high levels of stress and very unhappy at work. Been 2 months now still no period. Definitely not pregnant.

  7. Kirsch says:

    Wanted to add: the stress is on-going and we just got delivered another big blow at work, still employed at same company but there will not be any work for us for 6 weeks. I’m thinking my period will skip another month or longer.

  8. Mai Sue says:

    Its been 5 days sinces I had my period. I dont want to assume that I’m pregnant. The last 2 months me and my boyfriend has been trying to get me pregnant but because of my period cycle it doesn’t come fully for a week. It only lasts up to three days and then stops. But the past week I been stressing out lately. Before my period starts my boobies would be sore but it isnt. I been drinking warm water to calm down my emotional but it doesn’t help. Mostly sometimes after some meals I feel like throwing up. But nothing comes out. I’m just confuse.

  9. Chumit says:

    Tq for the information….
    It really helped me out…

  10. Satya sahadeo says:

    I am stressing out about some problem I having in my life n my period won’t stop it keep coming little bit little about two weeks now so I want to know why n ifbecause am stress out it can cause it to contuine come little bit

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Stress Can Stop Your Periods – Here’s How!

Did you know that stress is one of the major reasons behind missing periods? Stress can cause many physical effects such as headaches,...