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Smell your way to a better you!

Period stuff / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

Smell your way to a better you!

Fragrance has the power to do so much more than make us smell great. In fact, smell is the strongest of all our senses and can influence brain activity. We’ve all got that scent that takes you back to a certain time in your life (ours is definitely Obsession by Calvin Klein) or that perfume that makes you feel darn sexy on a night out.

With that in mind, here’s our recommendations for scents that will help improve your life – whatever your mood!

When you need an energy boost

Need an injection of energy? Then spritz on some lemon. It’s been found to energize, lifting mood and stimulating the nervous system. Spray it on before a gym work-out and you’ll be pounding that treadmill like Paula Radcliffe in no time.

Scents to try:

When you’re feeling a bit low

A sniff of mint can instantly boost your mood. An energy boosting scent, mint also promotes concentration and enhances concentration so it’s a great scent to wear if you’re studying or preparing for a presentation.

Scents to try:

To beat the pain

When period cramps hit, lavender is the fragrance you need. In fact, it’s an all-round PMS buster – as well as being used to treat headaches and cramps, lavender aids the digestive system, relieving tummy troubles, and can also help calm the upset caused by PMS mood swings and anxiety.

Scents to try:

To help kick sugar cravings

A study at St George’s hospital, found that those people who sniffed vanilla-scented patches on the back of their hands craved sweet foods and drinks less. Vanilla has also been reported to make people feel happier, so less likely to ruin their diet or eat junk food!

Scents to try:

When you need to chill out

Had a tough week? Then you need a sniff of jasmine. It’s great for calming nerves and can also enhance your quality of sleep. It’s often used in aromatherapy to uplift and increase optimism, which is great when you’ve just been set a super tight deadline at work!

Scents to try:

When you need a good night’s sleep

If jasmine or lavender aren’t your bag, try sandalwood to help you sleep better. This fragrance has relaxing properties, which reduces stress and promotes a deep sleep. It’s also sometimes used as an aphrodisiac so it may not always help you sleep better!

Scents to try:

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