The rather enjoyable secret to busting period pain

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The rather enjoyable secret to busting period pain

No-one enjoys getting period cramps, however, there is quite a fun way to get rid of the pain – and it’s free!

So what’s the magic pain reliever? A kiss! Yes, a good ole lip lock can help reduce pain levels. Kissing increases levels of oxytocin – your body’s natural calming chemical – plus the excitement of puckering up with someone you like also produces endorphins, the happy hormone. This double hormone whammy helps fight pain.

The benefits of kissing don’t stop there though! Here are just a few other benefits of kissing:

It calms you down

Those same pain-busting hormones can also help calm you down and stop anxiety in its tracks. As you have to truly be in the present to enjoy a kiss, it also acts as a type of meditation – calming down your mind and helping you focus on something in the here and now!

It burns calories

We’re not saying choose a kiss over the gym, but a good ole smooch does increase your metabolism to about twice its usual rate.

It boosts immunity

Having a kiss has been found by scientists to help prevent colds! Being intimate with someone boosts levels of immunoglobulin in your body, which helps fight infections and prevents the sniffles.

It tones your face

You use 146 muscles in your neck and face when you kiss – and just like the muscles in your body, the more you use them, the stronger and more toned they become. A perfect excuse to get kissing now!

It makes you happy

If locking lips with someone you fancy the pants off doesn’t make you happy, then the release of endorphins that naturally occurs when you have a smooch definitely makes you feel better.

It’s good for your teeth!

A passionate kiss produces saliva, which helps to neutralise acid and get rid of that nasty bacteria that causes tooth decay.

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