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Pink Parcel People: Clare, CRM Database Manager

Pink Parcel / posted 8 months ago / Eva Caiden

Pink Parcel People: Clare, CRM Database Manager

Each week we’ll be bringing you an insight into the people behind Pink Parcel. This week, we speak to our CRM Database Manager, Clare.

Pink Parcel

Clare (third from left) with team Pink.

What do you do at Pink?

Anything that involves data in all its forms, such as working out how many new customers signed up in the last day/week/month, how many tampons we’ll need to send out next month and who we’re talking to get their products in the “For you” box. Also dealing with web developers and hosting companies if there are any issues with web sites.

What’s the best bit of your job?

Getting to sample all the “For you” products before they go in the boxes, especially the chocolate and makeup! And the variety – I never quite know what I’m going to be asked to do next.

What’s the trickiest thing?

Trying to replicate any issues that customers are having with the web site.

Tell us about an achievement that stands out during your time at the company…

Seeing all the amazing customer feedback on the “For you” box contents in our customer surveys.

What’s the favourite product you’ve discovered through your monthly box? 

Pink Parcel hand sanitiser – very handy to use when travelling when you like to wash your hands as often as I do!

On Fridays at PP HQ we have team pizzas. What’s your favourite topping? 

So many but I’m partial to anything with a truffle base and rocket on it.

How did you get your job? 

I moved out of London a couple of years ago and had a contract job which ended so I was looking for a job closer to home, and amazingly I found out about this one.
I’ve done quite a few things over the years but I spent quite a few years working at The Economist in marketing and market research and also some time working at an ecommerce technology company working on their prospect and customer database.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow your career path? 

Don’t think that the job you want/have when you’re in your twenties will be the job you do for the rest of your life. Otherwise I’d still be a French teacher…

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