So, Periods Might Be Why Women Live Longer Than Men…

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So, Periods Might Be Why Women Live Longer Than Men…

Ever curse your period and think why, WHY, do I have to suffer every single month while the boys get off scot-free?

Well, research indicates that menstruation could be one of the reasons why, on average across the globe, women live longer than men by five to ten years!

Believe it or not, shedding your uterus lining can actually reduce the risk of various illnesses and diseases. The regular loss of iron means you may be less at risk of conditions that can develop as a result of high iron levels, such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

There are, of course, many other factors that contribute to women’s extended life spans, from social and lifestyle factors to the female hormone oestrogen, which cleanses your body of poisonous chemicals that cause cells stress, but the next time your period arrives remember that it’s potentially the elixir of youth!

Here are three more reasons to remind yourself (when you’ve run out of tampons and are in a soggy panic) to love your monthly bleed…

It Flushes Out Bacteria

Your menstrual cycle actually acts as a natural cleanser, releasing pathogens from your reproductive system.

It Prompts Self-Care

Getting your period can cause some women to feel less energised than normal, which is a perfect excuse for a bit of TLC.  Whether this be in the form of relaxing and having some down-time or hitting the gym to get those energy levels back up, periods can be a time when women choose to take care of their mind and bodies.

It Can Highlight Changes In Health

Your period can even serve as a warning signal for anything unhealthy going on ‘down there’, such as infection or disease. Any dramatic changes in your menstrual blood, such as texture, colour or odour, can give you the heads up to get it looked at and treated quickly.

Still not convinced? Here’s proof your period is actually a party in your pants

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