This is what Hollywood thinks having a period is like

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This is what Hollywood thinks having a period is like

Hollywood likes a stereotype. The brooding, handsome hero. The pretty, but dim, heroine. Good overcomes evil. Women on their periods become evil harridans out to get all men.

Considering periods happen to woman for a good 40-50 years, you’d think those movie-makers would’ve figured them out what really happens, but no, instead here’s Hollywood’s lowdown on periods.

Periods make you – literally – evil

In the case of Carrie, quite literally. The teen gets her first period – in a very graphic way – which then somehow releases a whole host of evil, including some weird telekinetic powers, culminating with the deaths of most of Carrie’s school mates and her mum. Most first periods are a walk in the park compared to that…

There’s a lot of blood and it goes everywhere

Luckily, you’ve probably never seen the awful 2005 ‘comedy’ Dirty Love, but if you have, you’ll definitely remember the scene where Jenny McCartney’s character, Rebecca Somers, rushes to the supermarket to buy some sanitary towels. While at the shop she starts bleeding so much, a fellow shopper slips on the blood. Don’t these Hollywood types know that you only lose approximately 2 tablespoons of blood during each period?

Young girls don’t understand their first period

Why we do know that first periods can be a scary time, most young girls are quite savvy and understand what’s happening. However, in the sweet drama My Girl, Vada, the 11-year-old lead, panics when she gets her first period, claiming she’s “haemorrhaging”. Thanks to the internet and more clued-up parents, most first periods are expected and not at all scary, but thanks for putting the fear of god into us, Hollywood.

Periods are funny

We can all laugh about periods (except when we have PMS, right?) but it’s interesting to see in the movies that it’s mostly men mocking our monthly cycle.

No Strings Attached, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, is one such movie. Not only does it reinforce stereotypes – 3 flatmates have synched periods and are all stuffing their faces with cupcakes – but Ashton’s character makes a ‘period mix’ CD featuring classics such as ‘Red, Red Wine’ and ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’.

If men had periods, what’s the betting movies would treat them with a tad more sensitivity?

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