Period jewellery: would you wear it?

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Period jewellery: would you wear it?

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to some rather ‘inventive’ treatments for our poor ladybits. There’s the endurance sport that is the full-blown Hollywood wax (cheers Sex and the City). The blinding bling of a dazzling vjazzling (thanks, TOWIE). And who can forget Gwyneth’s admission that she’s partial to a douche (a vaginal one, that is)?

 Your period just got a whole lot prettier

All these things can be fun (I mean, we challenge you not to laugh after you’ve vjazzled yourself), but they also send the message that the female body needs cleaning up to be acceptable.

Which is why we are major fan-girling over jewellery designer Lili Murphy-Johnson and her latest collection: period jewellery.  Instead of curling up with a family sized bar of chocolate and Watership Down (just us?) when she was experiencing PMS, Lili channelled the emotions she was feeling into her jewellery, creating a collection of necklaces, cuffs and rings that celebrate the ‘frustrating, leaking female body.’


Eventually, Lili refined her work into two collections: On the Rag and The Final Collection. They focus on the three prominent stages of menstruation, “The hormonal mood swings that makes up premenstrual syndrome, the ‘periods paraphernalia’ of tampons, sanitary towels, soaps, wipes and the many products that are provided to women to help manage their periods; and lastly the blood itself.”

The end result is a super cool: rings that are inspired by sanitary towels, necklaces inspired by menstrual blood and cuffs inspired by sanitary product packaging. We think it’s kind of refreshing that Lili allows women to celebrate the truth about periods without attempting to beautify them into something neat and tidy. What do you think? And will you be wearing them? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Katexxy says:

    Crazy idea, who needs a reminder of ones period the reality is bad enough. Crazy idea, thought was a joke… i understand it may help remove stigma of periods, BUT surely can design items of genuine beauty, ? i mean .. TAMPON CHARMES?

    What next? jewellery about all our body functions ?

  2. Jessica says:

    The only thing I’m liking is the Period Rings!


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