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A message from our founder, Rachael…

If you don't have the time to read this completely, may I ask that you jump to the bottom as it contains important information about how to move your account from our old website to the new one. Thanks!


I have something to say and really hope you have the time to read this. If you don’t, please do skip to the bottom as this email contains some important information on how to update your account.

So, first thing’s first, I’d really like to thank you for your patience – not just over the past few days while we’ve been launching our new website – but also over the last few months when a few of you have encountered problems with your parcels.

Pink Parcel was only launched in April this year, and although it was only six months ago, it seems like a lifetime to those of us who were here from the start. We have seen our lovely little idea grow from a few early subscribers and part-time staff to an office that’s bursting with excitement and orders from thousands of monthly subscribers. We have also seen our little Pink Parcel feature in numerous glossy magazines and newspapers, and we now have over 12,500 friends on our Facebook page. The idea behind Pink Parcel isn’t just a monthly tampon delivery service with some goodies, we want to create a community where us girls can have a moan, exchange tips and provide advice for each other.

However, with growth comes growing pains and over the past few weeks we have taken the time to read through every single one of your emails and Facebook posts so that we can focus on what we’ve done right, and more importantly focus on (and fix!) what we have done wrong, and where we have – in some cases – failed some of you. I can assure you that we are working our (pink) socks off to get everything resolved – and get it right.

The new website symbolises a very exciting and fresh new start at Pink Parcel. Not only will it finally offer you FULL access to your account so that you can change your dates, products and addresses whenever you wish (hurrah!), but more importantly, the new site will enable us to make sure that we can dispatch the correct Pink Parcel to the correct person, on the correct day, at the correct address. It will also enable us to identify those of you whose cycles are short, and sometimes receive two identical Pink Parcels in a month.

As you will now hopefully appreciate, the new website is not just a lick of pink paint but something that will help us to provide you with the service and product that we know you want. That we know you deserve. Therefore, it’s really important that we move you away from the old site as quickly as possible. Because we are moving away from PayPal (which has caused us all lots of issues) we will need to ask you to re-register on the new site. We know it’s a huge faff and I apologise for this, but trust me, it will be worth it!

So, this is the plan…

(For those of you who have already managed to re-register, you don’t need to follow these steps. Your PayPal account will be closed at 6pm tomorrow).

At 6pm tomorrow (Thursday 30th October) we will be closing/cancelling ALL subscriptions on PayPal. This means that until you have set up a new account on the website you will NOT have a subscription and will NOT receive any further Pink Parcels. Please note that you do not have to cancel anything in PayPal – we will do it for you.

This does mean that you will need to create a new subscription with Pink Parcel if you want to keep receiving your monthly treats and essentials, we’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible and the new subscribe form will remember all of your old details where possible if you click on the link below.

There are 3 quick steps, highlighted in the image to the right, tell us what products you want every month (you can even choose towels!), tell us your most recent dates so we can more accurately schedule your future parcels and then tell us your credit/debit card details and we’ll do the rest.

As part of the new SagePay solution we’re using your card will not be charged straight away and you will never be charged more than £9.99 for any of your parcels, your first payment will only be taken on the day your first parcel is dispatched and that will continue for the life of your parcel, you will only be billed on the day your parcel is dispatched.

After this your subscription will be ready to go and you’ll be part of the family again, you’ll even get your first month for just £5.95.

As part of your new account you’ll be able to log in any time you need to and update your dates and products as many times as you like whilst you’re with us.

Complete Your New Account »

And now to answer some of your questions…

Why are you changing from PayPal?
Despite what people may think PayPal, isn’t as safe as a standard credit merchant facility such as our new provider, SagePay, who made us add a number of security features to the new site to protect you. Also, it was impossible for us to add our new customer account features to our website using PayPal.

Will you hold credit card details on your system?
No, all your credit card details are held via SagePay and Elavon.

Will my Pink Parcel be delayed?
There is a possibility that some Pink Parcels may be late this week but we are doing everything we can to make sure that this is kept at a minimum.

What happens if I don’t move accounts?
Unfortunately if you don’t re-register on the new site, we won’t be able to keep your subscription active. We’re sorry that this has upset some of you, but it really is an easy process inputting your new details, and it will be totally worth it.

What if I don’t have time to move my account today?
It doesn’t have to be today but you will need to do it ASAP so your next Pink Parcel isn’t delayed.

We have loads of amazing new ideas and plans for Pink Parcel in 2015 which we want to share with you, but I will write to you separately about these plans later in November. I can tell you now that we have lots of new partners who want to join us in the For You box for 2015, and these partners include some really exciting new brands, not just from the world of beauty, but also from healthcare and lifestyle industries, too. Yay.

And for those of you who have daughters, nieces or younger sisters, we are pleased to announce the launch of Teen Parcel on the 1st of November. Teen Parcel is similar to Pink Parcel, but will feature sanitary products and For You gifts aimed at younger girls. More importantly, the site will feature loads of advice and support from our in-house team, plus fun facts and anecdotes from our celebrity friends.

Finally, it is really important to us at Pink Parcel that you are happy. We appreciate every one of your emails and Facebook posts, and we read them all. Please email us and let us know how we can make things better or if you ever have a problem with our service.

We’re all in this together, Period.



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