Calling all men! This is what having a period is really like…

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Calling all men! This is what having a period is really like…

Pharrell Williams doesn’t understand us women – especially when we’re on our period. In a recent interview, the Happy singer said “Women go through things that we’ll never understand, dude, like once a month they go through something we’ll never understand.”

Considering he actually named his most recent album – Girls – after the fairer sex, we’re a tad confused about what Pharrell doesn’t actually get, after all, it’s not rocket science.

So, if you ever come across Pharrell, or just want your other half to understand your time of the month better, here’s a few handy pointers for them…

1. They’re no big deal

Yes there is blood and discomfort but we’ve been dealing with this since we were teenagers that we’re used to it, especially the fact it happens every month.

2. You may need to be a little sensitive with us

Just before our period starts, PMS may make us a bit emotional. We’re not doing this for attention, we really can’t help it. The hormones play tricks with our mind and we can swing from tears to screaming matches in the time it takes to say ‘Are you on your period?’

3. Don’t ask us if we’re on our period

And definitely don’t point out the fact that w are moody. Don’t you think we know that?

4. Not everyone suffers from PMS

We know movies and TV shows like to portray all women as hormonal beasts prior to their period starting, but this simply isn’t the case. It’s estimated that one in four women don’t suffer pre-menstrual mood swings or other side effects associated with PMS.

5. You can get pregnant when you’re on your period

It’s not as likely as during your ovulation phase (just after your period) but it can happen so always be prepared!

6. We lose less than a cup of blood each month

We know you think periods are like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but actually it’s a lot less gory than that, especially as blood loss is over a period of 3-5 days.

7. Our period can actually make us feel frisky

Progesterone, the hormone that potentially decreases libido, is actually at its lowest during a woman’s period, so while you might think sex is a no-no, it could actually be a big yes-yes – especially as it also helps with painful cramps.

8. Talking of which, periods are painful for most women

For some, it can just be a twinge, but for others, it can be so painful that they have to take time off work. A survey by Feminax estimated that 10% of us need to take sick days to cope with this time of the month. Painkillers generally do the job, as do hot water bottles and a bath but if you ever want to get into the good books of a woman on her period, offer to give her a lower back massage.

9. Tampons don’t hurt – or make us bleed more

We know it must seem a weird thing but yes, you really do just ‘stick them up there’. They work by absorbing the blood, preventing any leaks. They are a wonderful invention and mean we can go swimming, wear tight-fitting jeans and generally still be us when we have our period.

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