Our limited edition rose gold party kit is coming soon.

Coming Soon: Meet Your Party Season Essential

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Coming Soon: Meet Your Party Season Essential

With party season just around the corner, it’s important you’re looking and feeling your best. That’s why we are launching our essential hair and beauty kit later this month – it’ll have you covered for any seasonal style situation.

Our limited edition rose gold party kit is coming soon.

Our limited edition rose gold party kit is coming soon.

Presented in an on-trend rose gold clutch bag – perfect for nights out – each limited edition party kit is packed with incredible products worth over £150. Your surprise selection (contents will vary) could include items like:

  • ModelCo Powerlash Mascara – the latest drop from the cult brand, featuring an intense black pigment for dramatic lashes
  • MUA Eye & Face Palette in Amour – which contains two excellent highlighters to accentuate your features in a soft, creamy formula which won’t cake
  • Mudmasky – a detox purifying recovery mask (worth £58) for when those late nights start to show
  • iQ Angeliq Bar (Orange & Cranberry) – a superfood choccy that’s sweetened only with organic coconut blossom

This limited edition kit, priced at just £29.99, is sure to be a sell out. Which is why we will be sending our Pink Parcel subscribers a pre-order email later this month, giving you an exclusive first-chance to get your hands on one. Don’t miss it!


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  1. Laura Bragg says:

    Any idea on price please

  2. Sally hopkins says:

    Yes please add me to the list

  3. Jen Wilcock says:

    Hi this sounds great but no mention of price?

  4. Rachel Henshall says:


    I would be interested in this, how much is it though? Thanks

  5. Hannah says:

    This looks amazing

  6. Karla Rohleder says:

    Looks great

  7. Lauren Jessica Preston says:

    Looks fab but a price indicator would be good so I can make sure I have the money available with xmas coming up x

  8. Sammie says:

    Can’t wait!

  9. Sara de freitas says:

    Would like to know the price but looks fab

  10. Emer says:

    I’m with Jen, what’s the price?

  11. Janine ball says:

    Interested but no price?

  12. Eva Caiden says:

    Hi Janine, thanks for spotting this, we’ve amended it now. It will be £29.99 – hope you are lucky enough to grab one :)

  13. Eva Caiden says:

    Hi Emer, it will be £29.99 – don’t miss it :)

  14. Eva Caiden says:

    Thanks Sara – it will be £29.99.

  15. Eva Caiden says:

    Good spot Lauren – we’ve added it in now. It’ll be £29.99 :)

  16. Ema says:

    Girls there’s a price it says 29.99

  17. Eva Caiden says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks for spotting. It’ll be £29.99 and we’ve included it above too!

  18. Eva Caiden says:

    Hi Laura, it’ll be £29.99. Thanks!

  19. Lauren says:

    It says it costs £29.99 at the bottom for all those asking. I’d like to know how many items included?

  20. Emily Minor says:

    It’s £29.99

  21. Cathryn Lawson says:

    Put me down for one

  22. Kelsie Greggain says:

    Put me on it please!

  23. kayleigh frew says:

    I would like one

  24. Lou says:

    It’s £29.99… says in the last paragraph ????????

  25. Claire Feasey-Balfour says:

    Can’t wait????

  26. Bernadett Schwarcz says:

    Ohhhh ???????????? i would definitely would love to get my hands on one!!!!

  27. Faye Easter says:

    Sign me up to that!

  28. mary says:

    £29.99 bargain price.
    Yes pls.

  29. Laura says:

    Please add me to the list

  30. Zoe Bettles says:

    Yes please! How do I get my hand on it!

  31. Laura Forrester says:

    I’d like to receive one please.

  32. Rachel Rook says:

    I want one 😀

  33. Amanda Crompton says:

    Definitely want one of these ????????????????????????

  34. Georgina says:

    Definitely want to order one of these!

  35. Aerie Van Camp says:

    I want one, how do i order?

  36. sofia creasey says:

    It’s £29.99 just seen at the end of the post, it looks interesting, i’d like an idea of how many items we’d receive though.

  37. Gillian says:

    I think it will be £29.99 as detailed in th small print

  38. Jacqueline Jones says:

    Yes please

  39. laura says:

    Hi, it says ‘items you might receive’, do you know how many items it will be for £29.99? Thank you.

  40. Vicky says:

    Yes please! Count me in!

  41. Sarah perkins says:

    Yes please

  42. Laila Ali says:


  43. Rose says:

    How many full size items and travel size pls?

  44. Sarah Caveney says:

    When will we be able to preorder???

  45. Alison says:

    Please include me in this great offer . I’m over the moon with all my boxes

  46. Elina says:


  47. Sarah says:

    Hi I would be interested in this ! When do we get the party kit. Thanks

  48. Maxine says:

    Love love love trying different products, I’ll definately be ordering one!

  49. Tanya Livingston says:

    It says the bag is priced at £29.99

  50. Lydia says:

    Add me to the list please :)

  51. Lisa says:

    This looks very tempting I’ll be looking for the email as a little treat at £29.99 I think I’m worth it ;p

  52. Katarina says:

    This looks amazing, would love one! :)

  53. sharma gaskill says:

    Omg! i can not wait.

  54. Rhian Clare says:

    Yes please would really want one

  55. Michelle Paterson-McCabe says:

    Add me to the list

  56. Kelsey Brennan says:

    Sounds great but what price is it please

  57. Paula says:

    It says £29.99 people

  58. Amy says:

    Take my money! :)

  59. Amy says:

    When is this item coming out please?

  60. Michelle says:

    the price is given
    This limited edition kit, priced at just £29.99, is sure to be a sell out. Which is why we will be sending our Pink Parcel subscribers a pre-order email later this month, giving you an exclusive first-chance to get your hands on one. Don’t miss it!


    Definately ordering

  61. sharon jackson says:


  62. Kirsty Moir says:

    Yes please

  63. Lauren Jessica Preston says:

    I would like to pre order my rose gold party kit

  64. Sadie says:

    It’s £29.99 and contains 18 i teams

  65. Malyha Ahmed says:

    One for me please!

  66. Rach says:

    When do they dispatch/arrive?

  67. Tracey says:

    Yes please.

  68. Rose says:

    How do I buy x

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