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The doctor who thinks women can’t make decisions on their periods

Period stuff / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

The doctor who thinks women can’t make decisions on their periods

With campaigns such as The Everyday Sexism Project and actress Emma Watson speaking out about gender equality, it seems now is a powerful time to be a women.

One leading expert however has made a shocking claim that seems to reinforce female stereotypes, especially in the workplace, by stating that women should not make any big decisions while on their period.

Dr. Maryam Matar, chairman and founder of UAE Genetic Diseases Association, recently spoke to female professionals at a big conference in Dubai when she made these somewhat, we think, spurious claims.

During her address at the conference Dr Matar said she noticed all the decisions she regretted making were related to her oestrogen. “I used to take my period for granted,” she said.

“I did not care when it was my first day, when I was ovulating, when my oestrogen is up or progesterone is down.”

Your oestrogen rises just before your period and if you follow what Dr Matar believes, this will cause you to make bad decisions.

“Please be aware about your first day of your period,” she said.

“Two days before that and the first day of your menstruation and the second day try to avoid any decision. Please, I beg you to do that.”

Not surprisingly her comments were met with many critics, one of whom said “There are irrational men and bullies at the workplace and they do not get the period. This kind of comments just take us back 50 years.”

We say that while PMS is a very real thing for many women, we’ve also managed to deal with it for a long time now and just get on with things. After all, not all of us have a chance to postpone big decisions until our period has passed!

What do you think? Do you think your period affects your decision making?

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