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How to keep that summer feeling

Wellbeing / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

How to keep that summer feeling

As the rain hits the UK, it looks like our extended summer is finally over. Don’t let it get you down though – keep that summer feeling going with these top tips.

Stay golden
Who needs sun for a tan anyway? If you’re lucky enough to have held on to your summer tan, moisturise regularly and top up your tan with a gradual self-tanner such St Tropez’s Gradual Tan, £14.30. If you’ve now gone a whiter shade of pale, try a light tan such as a Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Mousse, £13.99

Enjoy some summer activities – winter style!
Gorgeous weather opens up opportunities for fun activities, however, don’t let the weather put you off enjoying some fun. Having a picnic inside your lounge for instance makes eating lunch so much fun, while instead of inviting friends over for a BBQ, why not invite them round for a fondue party?

Bring the beach home
For many summer still means a trip the seaside. If you don’t fancy a windswept walk along a promenade, why not bring the beach to your home. Light a scented candle that smells like the seaside such as Turquoise Sky by Yankee Candle, £16.99, decorate a favourite photo frame with shells or spritz yourself with a salty fragrance such as Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Seat Salt cologne, from £40.

Summer up your make-up
The colder months may be traditionally a time for darker shades but there are some new make-up trends for Autumn/Winter that are definitely more summery in feel.

  • Blue was the colour of Autumn/Winter 14 on the catwalks. Add a touch of blue eyeliner to your lower lashes or a wash of metallic turquoise to your lids to be on trend and totally tropical!
  • Ditch black for brown. Smokey eyes are always a winner but this season, go for muted browns, which are much more subtle and will complement that winter tan so well.
  • Swap gothic burgundy lips for a natural pout. Eyes are the focus this autumn, so complement them with a natural lippie or a slick of lip balm.

Lighten up your hair
Whether you choose a few subtle highlights or go for a dash of ombre, adding a dash of blonde into your current hair colour into your hair will instantly give that sun-kissed look. If you’re not brave enough for blonde, just going just 1 or 2 shades lighter will carry on that summery look and feel.

Florida is nice during our winter, as is Australia! If you do suffer from sun withdrawal and can’t afford the move, taking your holiday during our winter is a nice way to keep the summer going – and top up your tan at the same time.


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