how to shape your eyebrows

How To Shape Your Eyebrows

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How To Shape Your Eyebrows

Brows: they’re the latest beauty obsession. How you shape your eyebrows can instantly transform your face, giving you a flawless, wide-eyed look that no eye-cream can compete with.

As Pink Parcel subscribers are the first in the world to try out The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s rose gold tweezers, free in July’s box, we thought it only right to bring you some expert advice when it comes to shaping, plucking and grooming those brows. 

Up Your Brow Game With Our Step By Step Guide…

Vintage Cosmetic Company rose gold tweezers

Tweezers, free in July’s box

Shape Up

The start of your brow should be in line with the upper bridge of your nose. “Too many people make the mistake of taking too much off the front of the brow,” says make-up pro Becca of The Vintage Cosmetic Company. This will make your eyes look wider apart and prevent you from getting the sleek brows of your dreams.

Pay attention to your face shape. “If someone has a rounded face, a slightly high arch gives their face more definition,” says Becca. “The tweezers are great for this – you can get more definition by doing it yourself.”

The most important thing to remember is: only ever pluck underneath your eye. “Don’t remove anything from the top,” says Becca, “you can define that with a brush and powder. Just tidy up the hairs underneath your eyes. Leave the middle section unless you have really prominent hairs.”

how to shape eyebrows step 1

Only pluck beneath your browline.

Powder Party

“Using a powder on your brows is key,” advises Becca, “While fuller brows are in, it’s quite dated to do that boxed in ‘TOWIE’ look. It’s much more natural to use a powder and brush to create a subtle but defined line underneath your brow. This should run diagonally up along your brow line, as in the picture below.”

how to shape eyebrows step 2

Create a diagonal line starting at the base of your brow, ending at your arch.

Create a similar line starting from the top of your brow, stopping halfway. 

how to shape eyebrows step 3

Fill in the top line to the halfway point of your brow.

To finish the look, create a downward diagonal sweep from the top halfway point, to elongate your brows. “Don’t be afraid to extend this line slightly past your natural hair point – just be sure to blend it so it looks natural. It should taper off and follow the angle of your eye.”

how to shape eyebrows step 4

Use a diagonal line downwards to finish the look. The tail should taper off and follow the angle of the eye.

All About That Arch

Everyone’s natural arch varies. “If your arch is too pointed, it can be aging and harsh,” warns Becca. If this sounds like you, you can round it off with powder. No arch? No problem! “Create one with pencil and powder. It should sit three quarters of the way back from your nose bridge.”

Finally, brush your brow hairs upwards for added lift and set with some translucent powder. Brows on fleek? For sure. 

how to shape eyebrows step 5

Brush brows upwards and set with a dusting of translucent powder.



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