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How to Prevent a Bad Smell on Your Period

Period stuff / posted 8 months ago / Eva Caiden

How to Prevent a Bad Smell on Your Period

It’s summer, it’s sweaty and you’ve got your period. Now, not only are you checking your armpits for BO when no-one’s looking, but you’re worried about smelling ‘down there’ too. But should you be? We spoke to Pink Parcel’s resident doctor, Dr Yasmin Walters to find out if period pong is a thing (sorry). Read on to find out how to prevent a bad smell on your period. 

How to prevent a bad smell on your period

Do you smell more on your period? Dr Walters reveals the truth.

Is it normal to smell different on your period?

100% yes according to Dr Walters. She says, “Your body changes throughout your menstrual cycle. As well as discharge changing and boobs getting bigger or smaller, your natural ‘fragrance’ might also be different.” This is because your body produces different hormones that change the discharge, including its smell.

The most important thing? “This is totally normal and to be expected,” says Dr Walters, “The blood you see on your period is the lining of your womb. This is obviously different from the usual discharge you will have, so it’s only natural it’ll smell a little different.”

Feminine hygiene dos and don’ts

Keeping your ladybits clean and fresh is simple: it doesn’t require an awful lot. Dr Walters advises, “Washing with clean water in the shower is all you really need. If you feel you need a bit of extra help with staying fresh, feminine wipes and sprays can help. They are pH neutral so won’t upset your natural balance or lead to further problems (like thrush).” Which quite frankly, no one needs.

According to Dr Walters, it’s absolutely vital you avoid harsh, perfumed soaps, no matter how whiffy you think you are. “You don’t want to provoke thrush or other infections – which could leave you even smellier and sore!”

Stay fresh in the heat

While you may feel that you smell, don’t worry. “Everyone feels like this from time to time” says Dr Walters, “It’s more than likely that no one but you can actually smell anything. The best advice is to wash regularly, keep cool and be confident! Your scent is unique and part of being a woman. Don’t be ashamed of it!”

Signs that something is wrong

Warning signs include a very strong, unpleasant smell that is different from anything you’ve had before, pain, or change in weeing habits. “You are the best expert on your own body. If you’ve got any suspicions or concerns, head to your doctor,” says Dr Walters, “ They’ll either be able to put your mind at rest, or do the right tests and give you the treatment you need.”

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