Satisfy your PMS cravings without piling on the pounds

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Satisfy your PMS cravings without piling on the pounds

We recently asked you to share your PMS cravings with us on our Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, chocolate came out tops but other comfort foods weren’t far behind. Obviously it’s fine to indulge once in a while but if you’re watching your weight, PMS cravings can be tough, so here’s how to satisfy them without piling on the pounds.

Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate

If you regularly find yourself consuming a family sized bar of chocolate in one sitting, think about switching to dark chocolate. If you stick to just 2-3 squares of the dark stuff, you’ll be only eating 100 calories, plus you’ll get the added healthy extras contained in dark chocolate, which can not only ease period cramps but can also prevent stress and make you look younger!

Swap crisps for salted popcorn

A bag of crisps contains about 185 calories, however, you can still get your salty hit for under 100 calories with a big bag of salted popcorn. It also contains fibre, and a large bag of popcorn, will definitely fill you up more than an average-sized bag of crisps.

Swap ice cream for frozen yoghurt

You could save 180 calories by switching from ice cream to frozen yogurt. Add a handful of berries for an instant antioxidant boost. While frozen yogurt is less calorific than ice cream, it’s still full of sugar so do watch portion sizes.

Swap Haribo for jelly beans

We’ve all chomped our way through a bag of Haribo sweets when PMS cravings hit, but this munch attack could cost you 500 calories. Satisfy your sweet cravings with jelly beans – a serving of 25 beans comes in at just 100 calories.

Swap white pasta for whole-wheat pasta

Sometimes only a big bowl of carbs will do, but instead of tucking into a steaming bowl of spaghetti Bolognese made with white pasta, choose whole-wheat pasta instead. Swapping your pasta ensures you get more nutritional benefits including vitamin E and antioxidants. It’s also full of fibre, which can help reduce your appetite meaning you – hopefully – won’t overeat!

Swap fast food for home-made

Many of you said you like to tuck into fast food when your PMS cravings hit, however, everyone knows how calorific these meals can be. The best option is to make your own fast-food favourite, whether that’s a burger, pizza or even chips. However sometimes you need something quickly, so to help you the next time a snack attack hits, choose these healthier options from your favourite fast food stores.

McDonalds: Choose the hamburger at only 250 calories or the Fillet-O-Fish, which comes in at 335 calories. If you are on a diet though, ditch the fries. Even a small portion contains 230 calories!

KFC: Steer clear of chicken drumsticks, and instead go for a regular popcorn chicken, which is 287 calories. If you fancy a burger, the healthiest option is the grilled BBQ rancher burger, which works out at 395 calories. Swap fries for beans and save yourself 159 calories – beans are also full of magnesium, which helps regulate serotonin to give you a mood boost. Perfect to banish those PMS mood swings!

Burger King: Even though burger is in the name, you’d do better to steer away from them and move towards wraps. The sweet chilli chicken wrap comes just under 300 calories. However, if you did want the trademark Whopper, choose the junior version and you’ll only be wolfing down 344 calories.

Pizza Hut: The key to ordering from Pizza Out is to choose a small Italian style pizza and only eat 2-3 slices. With that in mind, the lowest calorie options are Beef Sizzler (76 calories), Vegetable Supreme (105 calories), Farmouse (105 calories) and Hawaiian (107 calories). Adding a garden salad, at just 55 calories, can help fill you up and avoid more pizza indulgence.

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