6 reasons to be happy you’ve got your period

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6 reasons to be happy you’ve got your period

Many of us are guilty of moaning about our time of the month, but here are 6 reasons why you should actually be celebrating the arrival of your period!

It means you’re healthy

As annoying as your period may be, women were designed to go through menstruation every month. The fact that you are able to have a period means your body is doing exactly what it should be doing and that your hormones are perfectly in sync.

It’s a great excuse for you time

What other time of the month can you curl up on the sofa, watch back-to-back TV and eat your weight in chocolate? All without having to justify it to your parents, friends or partner.

You’re a healthy weight

Despite what you may feel about your body, having a regular period means you are a good weight. Women who are underweight or obese either stop having periods altogether or have erratic cycles.

It can make you live longer!

Some experts believe that having a regular period can slow down the ageing process. This is because women lose iron during menstruation. Iron loves free radicals, which in turn increase the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. It could also be one of the main reasons women generally live longer than men.

It’s something only women can have

Being female rocks and if we have to bear the odd cramp, bloating and monthly bleed to be one, so be it!

And finally, if your period is on its way, then so is your next Pink Parcel!

As well as having all your feminine hygiene products delivered directly to your door, it also means you’ll be enjoying some lovely treats, which we’re sure will help you forget all the reasons you don’t like your period.

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