Jon Snow tampon selfie

The charitable reason behind Jon Snow’s tampon selfie!

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The charitable reason behind Jon Snow’s tampon selfie!

Here at Pink Parcel we’re not shy about periods. While we don’t love them, we certainly don’t keep quiet about them either, so we were pleased to see Jon Snow out and proud with this tampon selfie -but why is the venerable news reporter posing with a feminine hygiene product on Twitter?

It’s all part of a great new campaign by Plan UK, a children’s charity that is focused on girls’ rights. Across the globe, women and girls are discriminated for being female and having periods – in Africa, for example, one in ten girls miss school when they have their period. To try and break down the taboo, Plan UK have launched their #JustATampon campaign. Lots of celebrities have already shown their support by taking a tampon selfie. Aside from Jon, TV presenter and co-creator of period pants Diary Dolls Carol Smillie has taken a snap:

While comedian Jenny Éclair has taken to wearing her tampon as an earring…

And news reporter Charlene White takes hers out for a spot of sun!

It’s not just celebrities that can help the fight! You can support the campaign by taking a selfie with a tampon, texting TAMPON to 70007 to donate £3 to Plan UK and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #JustATampon. You can also donate online here.

We’ve already taken our selfie – so what are you waiting for? Grab a tampon, take a picture and start supporting your sisters around the globe!

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