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Free Tampons In UK Schools – How You Can Help Make It Happen!

Period Tips, Help and Advice / posted 2 months ago / Claire Blackmore

Free Tampons In UK Schools – How You Can Help Make It Happen!

Following the news that ‘period poverty’ is a harsh reality for school pupils ‘too poor’ to buy towel and tampons, a new petition is demanding change in UK schools.

The #PeriodPotential campaign, backed by The National Union of Teachers, is calling on Education Secretary, Justine Greening, to make sure sanitary products are free in schools across the country.

The petition already has over 50,000 supporters and was started by Hannah Morrisson, who also struggled to afford period products as a teenager.

“When I was 12 and on my period, I was forced to borrow sanitary products from my school friends or use tissue, as I felt too guilty to ask my mum for money. I knew we didn’t have much money, and I also knew how expensive they were,” she says.

“This carried on through college. I would go to reception and tell them I was unable to attend the rest of my classes as I had started my period.”

Hannah’s story is becoming more common with girls in the UK regularly missing school and disrupting their education because they are unable to afford sanitary products, with some being absent for a week every month.

“Tampons and pads are necessities, not luxuries, so just as toilet paper is provided in schools for free, so should sanitary items,” states Hannah.

Schools in New York have made sanitary items freely available for students and a bill is about to go through the Scottish Parliament to make it a requirement for Scottish schools to provide free pads and tampons. The petition hopes to see the UK following suit soon.

To show your support for this amazing campaign and ensure all young girls will be able to achieve their #PeriodPotential by not having to miss school because of their monthly cycle, sign the petition right here, right now!

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