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The everyday struggles of having a vagina

Wellbeing / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

The everyday struggles of having a vagina

Our ladybits go through a lot in their life-time – periods, childbirth and waxing to name but a few! Considering all we put it through, it’s incredible common for things to go wrong down there. We’ve listed the most common struggles you and your vajayjay will go through – plus top tips on how to get it back to its former glory.

It smells horrible

Phew-wee! Your ladybits should definitely not smell like rotten fish, but sometimes the very precious balance down there can get disrupted causing bacterial vaginosis (or BV for short). A bad smell can also indicate that you’ve got a forgotten tampon hanging around in your ladybits – they can cause a foul smell and also Toxic Shock Syndrome if not removed.

The solution: Visit your GP pronto, who can prescribe antibiotics if you have BV. Remember to also treat your vajayjay gently every day. Don’t douche and use use plain, un-perfumed soaps or shower gels to wash the area around the vagina.

There’s something disgusting in your pants

Discharge – even the word makes us feel a bit sick. It’s not pleasant but it’s not always an indicator something is wrong. Some discharge is due to hormonal changes during your cycle. However if it’s a different colour than normal or is a bit thick and lumpy like cottage cheese (pass the sick bag…), make an appointment with your doctor. It may just be thrush, but it’s best to get it checked out.

The solution: If you’re sure you have thrush, there are some really good over-the-counter medicines you can buy now. Live natural yoghurt is also your friend. Eat it regularly to help build up your immunity and prevent future attacks and apply it to your ladybits to help soothe that awful burning thrush sensation.

You’re bleeding – and it’s not your period

In-between-period-bleeding is really common in the first few months of taking the pill. It can also happen if you forget to take one or have sickness and diarrhoea. Non-pill reasons can include stress, rough sex (Christian Grey has a lot to answer for!), the menopause or a sexually transmitted disease. In rare occurrences, bleeding can indicate cervical or womb cancer so if it goes on for a couple of months, get it checked out by your GP.

The solution: Have nice gentle sex, don’t forget to take your pill and always use a condom!

It’s painful to wee

Well hello Urinary Tract Infection! It’s amazing just how painful these infections can be. Ever notice how you ALWAYS get one when you go on your summer holiday as well? Well it seems that the warmer temperatures of sunnier climes could be to blame.

The solution: You need to pay a visit to your GP but if you’re miles away in sunny Spain, make sure you drink lots of water and cranberry juice. A warm bath can also help ease the pain.

There’s ants in your pants

Itching down below is often a symptom of an infection such as thrush or an STI, however, if you’ve ruled that out, then it may be that you have a slight reaction to a new product you’re using such as a bubble bath or soap.

The solution: Visit your GP and if all is OK, ditch the highly perfumed soaps and bubble baths. If itchiness is a real problem during your period, try switching your tampons or towels as these could be the itch-inducing culprits.

Oh god, it’s got spots!

Yes, just like your face, your ladybits can get spots. There can be several causes but the worse culprits are ingrown hairs. This happens a lot down below as those curly hairs just love to curl round some more and grow back into the skin – bleurgh.

The solution: Exfoliation is key here. It doesn’t need to be anything harsh, even just a daily rub over the area with a flannel will help. A wonder product that we now use all the time is Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel by Sass, which has been formulated to help prevent ingrown hairs. Genius! Buy it now from our Pink Parcel shop.

I can’t feel it!

Possibly not the most common of vaginal problem, but numbness down there can happen if you’re a cyclist or a common frequenter of spin classes.

The solution: Get of your bike and take a break for a few days or alternatively invest in a super padded seat.

It’s um… a tad dry

This is a common problem faced by many women during their menopause, however, it can affect women during their younger years as well. Certain medications and situations, such as pregnancy, can dry things up down below.

The solution: You can chat to your doctor to see if alternative medicines are available or head for the lubricant aisle in your local chemist.

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