Double duty beauty

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Double duty beauty

When is a lipstick not a lipstick? When it’s also a blusher! Some beauty products are double duty buys, with more than just one use. Discover how to make the most of the products you already have…

Bronzer can do so much more than give you a sun-kissed glow
  • Crush a little bronzer up and then mix with body lotion to create a gorgeous shimmery lotion. Use to highlight areas such as your décolletage and legs.
  • Mix a little with Vaseline or lip balm to create a lovely glowy lip colour.
  • Sweep a little bronzer over your eyes for a great shimmer. Add eyeliner for a more dramatic look.
Oils are the latest buzzword in beauty and are a must-have multi-use product
  • A small drop of body oil makes a great frizz tamer for your hair. Rub the oil between your hands and then rub lightly over your hair.
  • Run out of night cream? Then why not use your body oil instead. It can make your face slightly greasy, which is why it’s best to use it at night. However, it will soon absorb and give your skin a super moisture boost.
  • Mix your oil with some sugar to make an exfoliating body scrub. Use 2 tablespoons of sugar to 1 tablespoon of oil. Rub it into your skin and then wash off for beautifully soft skin.
Lipstick isn’t just for giving you a killer pout
  • Use it as a cream blush. Dab a little on the apple of your cheeks for an instant glow. Perfect for when you’re on a night out and don’t have much room in your little clutch bag!
  • Lipstick can also double up as a glossy eye-shadow. Sweep across you lid – the bolder, the better, we say but you might want to give red a miss as it can look a tad scary!
Hair conditioner has some great non-hair related uses
  • Conditioner makes a great shaving cream and has the added bonus of leaving legs soft and oh-so-touchable.
  • The gentle nature of hair conditioner makes it perfect for washing your lingerie or delicates in.
  • If your cuticles need taming, rub in a little bit of conditioner.
Concealer is not just for under eye bags and spots
  • Used as a primer on eyelids or lips before applying make-up, concealer ensures that everything stays put all day!
  • Mix a touch of concealer in with your lipstick to lighten the shade.
  • Applying conceal onto your lashes before applying mascara acts as a primer and plumps up lashes so they look flutteringly good.

 Have you got any double beauty tips to share? Then leave your comments below.

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