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These Clever Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks Could Save You Over £48!

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These Clever Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks Could Save You Over £48!

According to a survey, the average British woman spends a whopping £140,000 on hair and beauty products over her lifetime.

vita coco coconut oil

Not only is that a lot of cash, it’s a lot of bottles. Hands up whose bathroom cupboard isn’t groaning from the weight of all the beauty buys you’ve accumulated over the years? Maybe it’s those misguided hair mascaras you bought in your teenage years but now keep for Halloween. Or perhaps it’s the pungent bath soaps you get from your nan every birthday – despite your flat only having a shower.

Whatever you own,  it’s clear that women are spending a lot of dollar on looking good each month. Well, get ready to clear out those cupboards because we’ve found a multitasking hero that has earned its place on your beauty shelf. It’s organic, it’s free of harmful chemicals and it can save you serious cash.

Subscribers may recognise Vita Coco coconut oil from your October box. If you loved your sachet, you can buy an entire pot from the Pink Parcel shop for £5.99. If you use it to replace the following beauty essentials, you’ll save at least £48 – more if you usually opt for premium brands. What will you spend your savings on? 

Eye make-up remover

Soak a cotton pad in some coconut oil and gently sweep away even the most stubborn eye make-up.

You save: £2.79 based on these Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Pads.

Frizz tamer

You worship at the Moroccan Oil altar and can’t remember a time pre-GHDs. This is mainly because your spirit twin is Monica in Barbados. Guess what – a smidgeon of coconut oil works wonders for taming frizzy hair.

You save: £11.99 based on this argan oil which isn’t even Moroccan oil god dammit. 

Lip balm

No need to splash out on lip balm this winter. A slick of coconut oil will keep lips smooth, moisturised and ready for you to pull someone inappropriate at your office party. 

You save: £1.95 based on this tub of Vaseline. 

Shaving cream

Your boyfriend hasn’t bought shaving cream since beards came back into fashion, circa 2013. This leaves you in a sticky spot as you’re too tight to buy your own. Girl’s gotta eat, huh? Don’t worry – a dab coconut oil will give you a close, super-smooth shave. And you can cook with it too. #Boom. 

You save: £2.66 based on this Gillette shaving cream

Body moisturiser

You consider acquiring toiletries from hotels a hobby. And yet, you still find yourself all outta cream from time to time, which can lead to dry, dull skin. Rub a dollop of coconut oil onto your body post-shower and you can ditch those minis you saved from Premier Inn ’95. Winning. 

You save: £5.99 based on this Garnier moisturiser


Smart girls know exfoliating regularly is the key to radiant skin. It removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores and keeps you blemish-free. No need to splash out though; a homemade version works just as well. Mix coconut oil with some salt and essential oils and use twice a week as a gentle exfoliator.

You save: £3.79 based on this Neutrogena exfoliator.

Teeth whitener

You won’t admit it, but the Kardashians have inspired you to get whiter teeth. There’s only so much a filter can do, after all. ‘Oil-pulling’ won’t blow a hole in your wallet like the stuff they recommend – and there’s no risk of sensitivity. Swish a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil around your mouth for a minute to remove toxins from your teeth and gums and whiten teeth. Spit and rinse.

You save: £25 based on this home kit from Boots. 



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