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summer skin in 5 simple steps

5 steps to summer skin

Summer skin can be a hard look to pull off. Every year we swear we’ll do better. The dream: a bronzed vision,...

the happy list

The Happy List: Bank Holiday Special

Like you need any more reasons to smile today. But just in case…Pink Parcel is here.  The Bank Holiday Beach Bag Bank...

how to store your make-up brushes

How to store your make-up brushes

Get inspired with these nine simple make-up brush storage ideas… Adulting is hard. Don’t make it any harder than it has to...

How to apply lipstick

How to apply lipstick like a beauty pro

Lipstick: nothing can change the way you feel about yourself quite like a slick of it. But it can be a bit...


This takes less than two minutes but it could save your life

Last week at PP HQ we were lucky enough to have a visit Cathie from UK breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! She spoke eloquently...

Problems sleeping on your period? You're not alone.

This is how your period is affecting your sleep

If you regularly feel fatigued during your period but just can’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re not alone. We spoke to...


Period jewellery: would you wear it?

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to some rather ‘inventive’ treatments for our poor ladybits. There’s the endurance sport that is the...

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The Happy List: Things To Make You Smile on Hump Day

Need a mid-week pick-me-up? Let Pink Parcel provide some reasons to smile… The Blogger Who Won’t Break Your Bank Account If you walked...