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Is your period giving you nightmares?

Period Tips, Help and Advice / posted 3 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

Is your period giving you nightmares?

Did you have a strange or scary dream last night? Chances are you’re ovulating.

Studies have linked changes in body temperature with a change in how vivid or scary our dreams become. A woman’s temperature generally rises half-way through the monthly cycle, around the time of ovulation, which could cause the dream weirdness!

Another study also showed that on the whole women have more scary or aggressive dreams than men. Women were also more likely to remember their horrible dreams on waking.

But what do these scary dreams mean? Here are some pointers on what your cycle-related dream could be telling you:

  • Being chased
    If someone is chasing you in your dream it usually means you’re avoiding a situation or person in real-life. It could also relate to any fears, stress or phobias that you haven’t dealt with in your waking hours.
  • Your teeth falling out
    This very common dream could symbolise a very real loss such as a job or friend. It could also signify a transition period such as starting a new job or a child leaving home. Some analysts also believe that dreaming of your teeth falling out indicates a desire to regress back to childhood when you didn’t have teeth.
  • Being naked
    If you’ve ever dreamt of being naked while at work or in the supermarket then it literally means you’re feeling exposed. It could be that you’re feeling vulnerable about a situation or that you’ve revealed to much about yourself to someone.
  • Falling
    To dream of falling indicates insecurities and anxieties about a situation in your waking life. Quite possibly you’re feeling overwhelmed at the moment, which is why these dreams occur. Falling dreams can also be about a sense of failure or a loss of self-esteem.
  • Your period
    If you dream about your period when it’s not your time of the month, this may indicate some form of anxiety about your cycle. In general, period-related dreams are all about releasing pent-up worry and may well signal an end to a difficult time you’ve been having.
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  1. Katie Stockdale says:

    I really hate these nightmares they really mess with my mind

  2. lucie says:

    I dream someone is trying to kill my other children and me I get so scared I have palpatations I’ve not had a period in 10 years am actually going through a miscarriage

  3. Alexzandria says:

    I searched this Because I had a horrible dream, that another woman shot my boyfriend. Due to a traffic jam?

    Period please.. No more.

  4. amber says:

    i dreamt that i cut off my dads head with a fucking sword ???? i haven’t seen a horror movie in about a year, and it wasn’t even this terrifying so you can’t blame that. period, please, no more. jesus christ

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