Sync Your Christmas Dinner With Your Period Cycle

Period Tips, Help and Advice / posted 5 months ago / Claire Blackmore

Sync Your Christmas Dinner With Your Period Cycle

MERRY CHRISTMAS! We hope you’re having a happy one and that you’re rolling around in all your presents like the queen you are (we ripped into our stocking at 7am because afternoon unwrapping is just cruel).

Now, time for the feast. If your body has decided to give you the extra gift of a period this Christmas, we have a present in return: a list of the best foods to eat to ensure your womb stays happy until the Eastenders Christmas special is well and truly over…

1. Gingerbread

If you wake up on Christmas morning with period pains, try swapping your morning tea for a ginger brew as the root has been proven to reduce abdominal cramps just as much as ibuprofen. Just peel some root ginger and place into a pot of hot water with some lemon and leave for 5 mins before drinking. It’s okay to tuck into the gingerbread too if you fancy – you have a legit medical reason. Woohoo!

2. Roast carrots, spinach and butternut squash

Our body also experiences a number of chemical changes during our period and to help with our good old friend PMS, it’s important to keep these under control. Vegetables which contain high levels of Vitamin A, proven to keep fluctuating hormones under control, include carrots, spinach and butternut squash. Whilst we all look forward to plates piled high with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets, make sure you get a delicious helping of veg.

3. All the Crimbo chocolate!

Your body can lose up to 80ml of blood during your period meaning a decrease in iron levels can cause you to feel even more tired and run down. Luckily, dark chocolate is packed with magnesium which can help boost endorphins and increase energy levels. Don’t shy away from tucking into the after dinner chocs – they could help to boost your mood for the session of family board games. Like we even needed another excuse…

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