Claire Fox

Claire Fox, a woman on a mission, a sister in the realm of all things period, and a staunch advocate against period poverty, is the spirited founder of Armed with a cheeky sense of humour and a heart as warm as a cuppa, she's committed to making sure no one ever gets caught off guard by Aunt Flo. Raised in a family of strong and tenacious British women, Claire learned early on that periods were a topic to be both respected and demystified. Her journey began in her late teens when she experienced her first “monthly visitor” during a rainy camping trip. With supplies running scarce, Claire's resourcefulness emerged, sparking her dedication to help others avoid similar situations. This period trailblazer has devoted her adult life to researching and reviewing the finest menstrual products available. From period pants that stand the test of a lively Zumba class to eco-friendly options that make Mother Earth proud, Claire scrutinises every detail in her pursuit of the ultimate period protection. As an advocate for menstrual equality, Claire has relentlessly campaigned to end period poverty. When she's not penning articles about the latest in period innovation, she's fundraising, lobbying, and forging a nationwide network. Claire's contagious laughter and unwavering enthusiasm for menstrual rights have made her a cherished figure in the Pink Parcel community. Under her guidance, has evolved into a beacon of hope and a trusted resource for British women everywhere. So grab a biscuit, snuggle up with your hot water bottle, and join Claire on this wild, wonderful, and occasionally chaotic journey. Together, we'll empower women, shatter taboos, and ensure that no one ever gets caught unprepared by Aunt Flo again.