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Banish awkward period leaks with these amazing British period pants!

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Banish awkward period leaks with these amazing British period pants!

A while back we introduced you to Thinx, fabulous new knickers from the states that give extra protection during your period.

Well now we’ve discovered some more amazing pants – and this time they’re British.

Diary Doll are lightweight, super soft pants that contain a secret waterproof panel that protects clothing against any embarrassing period leaks.

The protective pants were created by tennis star Annabel Croft and TV presenter Carol Smillie after a chat on holiday.

Diary Doll founders

Annabel had suffered from heavy periods ever since she left home at 15 and travelled on the tennis circuit. Not only did she struggle with ‘accidents’ during the night, but then had to play tennis in a short white skirt and white knickers!

On returning from holiday, the pair started to research their idea and were shocked to find there was a pretty big gap in the market. “There was nothing on the market when normal sanitary protection just isn’t enough, it’s a problem that affects 1 in 5 women,” said co-creator Carol in a recent chat with us.

Thus Diary Doll was born. While you still need to wear regular sanitary protection, the waterproof protection is perfect for those heavier days or for young girls nervous about leaking when they start their periods.

Model wearing Diary Doll pants

The pants were originally manufactured in China but more recently, Carol and Annabel decided to bring them closer to home to Scotland, where a workforce made of mostly disabled workers now produce the goods.

“It costs a lot more to make, but I think people love to think they’re supporting British manufacturing,” said Carol about their decision.

The team have also partnered with Netball Scotland, and the national team, The Thistles, have agreed to be ambassadors for the next year, providing positive role models for young women everywhere.

The Thistles netball team

Carol hopes that her pants will help to break the taboo around periods. “How can the world have changed so much that we have Ann Summers shops on every high street, yet periods are still incredibly awkward?,” states the TV presenter.

“It’s clearly not dinner table conversation, but we should be mature enough to treat it openly as normal, because it is normal.”

Diary Doll, £14.99, are available to buy on the official website or at John Lewis.

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