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Pink Parcel People: Jacqui, Customer Services

Pink Parcel / posted 11 months ago / Eva Caiden

Pink Parcel People: Jacqui, Customer Services

Each week we’ll be bringing you an insight into the people behind Pink Parcel. This week, we speak to Customer Service Manager, Jacqui.

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Jacqui (left) and the team at Pink Parcel with Coppafeel

What do you do at Pink?

I’m head of the Customer Service department and HR.

What’s the best bit of your job?

Receiving lovely feedback from our subscribers, watching the company grow, working with lovely people.

What’s the trickiest thing?

Dealing with situations that are out of my control. If we have a hold up with shipping, my team are the people who will be your first port of call – so sometimes we have to explain the same thing to 100s of people!

Tell us about a memory or achievement that stands out during your time at the company…

Maintaining our high customer service satisfaction rate – it’s great knowing we have helped put a smile on someone’s face!

What’s the favourite product you’ve discovered through your monthly box?

I LOVE the Boozi hand cream, and the Vichy moisturiser!

On Fridays at PP HQ we have team pizza. What’s your favourite topping?

Chicken – especially Baked and Battered’s Pollo Pizza.

How did you get your job? 

I was a recruitment consultant and also have a nursing background – which helps with the people skills needed in my job!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow your career path?

You’ll need to have good people skills and know how to manage a team well. You need to work hard and be prepared to face any challenge presented to you as in customer service, you’re at the forefront of everything. It can be hard but it can also be very rewarding.

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  1. Jennifer Clabbie says:

    I can’t remember what months box it was in but it was cougar pout lip gloss. It took me while round to trying it as I had put it in stupid place and then suddenly found it. But soon as I put it on my lips I tasted like the mould smell you get from mould it was awful I had to crab the nearest thing to me to wipe it off my lips and I chucked the lip gloss straight in bin it was disgusting I have no idea why it was like that. It looked fine like normal lip gloss. I was hoping for nice pouty lip effect for going out for dinner I was so annoyed but never mind not every product can be winner.

  2. Eva Caiden says:

    Hi Jennifer, so sorry to hear this. Someone from our customer services team will be in touch. Eva

  3. Siobhan Cook says:

    I recently changed my delivery date to receive my parcel. I didn’t receive the December box as expected so contacted customer services who told me this would be rectified. I have just received two boxes and I’ve been charged for both. Thinking they were maybe two different boxes I opened them both to check. They both have the exact same products. Could I request a refund and also instructions on how to return my box? Thanks :-)

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