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8 ways having a period is just like being a One Direction fan

Period stuff / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

8 ways having a period is just like being a One Direction fan

There isn’t a day goes by when we don’t think of the fab four – you know, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam – AKA One Direction.

One particular day, when we thinking about Harry and how long his hair has got, we suddenly realised that there are lots of similarities between having your period and being a One Direction fan. Sounds bonkers? Don’t tell us you’ve not experienced at least one of the following…

Your period: You find yourself crying at adverts that contain cute kittens and small children.
One Direction: You find yourself crying because Louis is having a baby with someone who isn’t you!

Your period: You get mad at your little brother for just being there. God, why can’t he just sit in another room or something?
One Direction: You get mad at all those 1D haters and tweet protective tweets about ‘your’ boys. Why can’t everyone just see how amazing they are?

Your period: You have agonising cramps that no painkiller can touch, and which make you collapse in pain.
One Direction: You have agonising cramps while trying to buy tickets to the 1D gig and collapse when you finally get them!

Your period: You’re having a bad skin day, a bad hair day and your tummy feels like a washing machine.
One Direction: “Harry has changed his hairstyle again, oh gosh I can’t cope it’s too beautiful. I feel sick.”

Your period: “Oh I love chocolate. Just one square though… Whoops, I seem to have eaten the entire family-sized bar.”
One Direction: “Oh I love One Direction. I’ll just listen to one song though as it’s late and I need to sleep. Whoop, it appears to be 4am in the morning and I’ve listened to their entire back catalogue… twice.”

Your period: “It was due today. Where oh where are you, Aunt Flo? I feel rubbish, hurry up already.”
One Direction: “Harry Styles is on Twitter and he hasn’t replied to my tweet yet. THIS WAIT IS SO PAINFUL.”

Your period: There’s only one thing you want to wear and that’s your biggest, comfiest knickers and your unicorn onesie. Nothing else will do.
One Direction: “No, Mum, no other T-shirt will do. I need to wear my ‘I heart Liam’ top today so I can Instagram it for his birthday.”

Your period: You just want to sit on the sofa and snuggle up with a hot water bottle.
One Direction: You just want to sit on the sofa and snuggle up with Harry/Liam/Louis/Niall*

*delete as applicable or just choose all four!


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