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6 ways to get more ‘me time’ into your day

Life / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

6 ways to get more ‘me time’ into your day

It’s hardly rocket science, but a recent survey has found that women are happier when they make time to enjoy what matters to them most!

A survey conducted by fashion retailer T.J.Maxx found that 58% of women make time for the things that matter most every day. This includes spending time with loved ones and family,  me time and fitness. It seems making time for such activities really works – 93% of those surveyed said they feel happy, balanced and relaxed as a result.

“When I work with women I get them to think about their ‘me’ moment – that thing amid all the daily chaos that makes them truly happy,” said Christine Hassler, Life Coach and Author. “These moments trigger the part of our brain that releases serotonin and makes us feel happier and positive.”

While it might sound a simple solution to find happiness this way, in reality it can be hard to find time to enjoy the things that you like in today’s busy world, so we asked Christine to share her top tips on how to grab those moments that help put a smile on your face:

  • Be selfish
    Women tend to put everything and everyone first. Learn the power of saying no to external demands so you can say yes to the moments you really treasure.
  • Make the time
    We’re all busy, so schedule a moment to make sure it happens. It should be something you look forward to each day rather than another “to-do.”
  • There’s no one size fits all
    Come up with a unique way to fit what matters most into your day.  Maybe that means yoga in bed to get in your workout or a candlelit dinner on the couch for a casual date night.
  • Life is not an Instagram photo
    Remind yourself that social media is other people’s highlight reel not their behind the scenes. Be you in every moment and make your moment work on your terms.
  • Transform comparison into inspiration
    Whatever you see in someone else, use it as fuel to inspire you own unique ideas.
  • Be in the moment
    Being present in a moment allows us to feel balanced because thoughts about the future often create anxiety. Taking a few deep breaths throughout the day is a simple, yet effective way to come back to the now.
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