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6 beauty products that models swear by

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6 beauty products that models swear by

As London Fashion Week kicks off today, we take a look at the must-have products beloved by top models. Surprisingly, many of them don’t cost the earth…

1. Weleda Skin Food moisturiser

Heavy make-up, lack of sleep and air travel all put extra stress on an international model’s skin. Instead of turning to luxury moisturisers, many a model favours Weleda Skin Food, which costs just £9.95. This intensive moisturiser, loved by Linsey Wixson and Erin O’Connor, is gentle and ultra-moisturising, helping to combat dry patches and soothe skin.

2. L’Oréal Elnett hair spray

It’s a popular hairspray backstage during fashion week due to the fact that it holds fantastically well but can be easily brushed out – important when you’re modelling in several shows a day! Try the flexible hold variety, £6.70, for that natural off-duty model look.

3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

The ultimate multi-purpose balm is a staple in every model and make-up artist’s bag. It works well as a lipbalm, eyebrow tamer, highlighter, cuticle cream – need we go on?

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4. Tangle Teezer hairbrush

Models hair goes through a lot of abuse during fashion week time so they choose a brush that detangles without putting extra stress on their locks. Fans of the Tangle Teezer (from £12.25) include Lara Stone and Cara Delevingne, who has an orange one!

5. Micellar water

Models wear a lot of make-up in their working life so need a non-irritating cleanser that removes everything. The most popular among models is Bioderma Hydrobio H2O, which they pick up for next to nothing in pharmacies during Paris Fashion Week. The good news for us civilians is you don’t have to hop on the Eurostar to pick up a bottle as more and more pharmacies are stocking it on this side of the channel as well. Find it in Lloyds for £10.

6. Red lipstick

A slick of red lippie instantly revives your look, a trick that most models know only too well. Regardless of the rest of your make-up it can take you from catwalk to dancefloor in an instant. While a model favourite is MAC’s Ruby Woo, £15.50, Kate Moss loves wearing her very own Rimmel lipstick in shade 001 – a bargain at £5.49.

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