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6 beauty lessons we’ve learnt from Kylie

Beauty / posted 2 years ago / Jayne Cherrington-Cook

6 beauty lessons we’ve learnt from Kylie

As Kylie plays a one-off gig in Hyde Park on Sunday, we take a look at the beauty lessons we’ve learnt from the pop princess over the years…

1. Know your beauty formula

Ever since she burst onto our TV screens with her bubble perm, Kylie has been a beauty and style icon for many. While she does experiment, she sticks to what suits her. Glossy blonde locks, sultry eyes and nude lips are a winning formula for the singer.

2. However, don’t be afraid to change it up for occasionally!

While she knows what suits her, she’s certainly not afraid to try new things – especially when it involves a red carpet or a stage. Zany eye colours, crazy hair pieces, and various hair accessories have all helped transform the star during her 27 year singing career.

Kylie with her hair up

3. Expensive isn’t always better

Kylie doesn’t do salon facials and she swears by a jar of good old fashioned Pond’s Cold Cream, which costs just £3.99 a tub.

4. Framing your face is very important

Apart from ‘those’ gold hotpants, Kylie is probably best known for her fabulously groomed eyebrows. While we may not all have such expressive brows as Miss Minogue, it’s easy to keep your brows neatly groomed by regular plucking or threading. The key is not to over-pluck but to ensure they follow your natural shape.

Kylie famous eyebrows

Defining them with an eyebrow pencil is also important. Don’t stray too far from your natural colour otherwise you’ll be erring on scary rather than stylish! Choose a pencil that is just one or two shades darker or lighter than your hair colour.

5. Age is just a number

At 47, Kylie doesn’t follow any beauty rules. Smoky eyes, red kips and long locks are all favoured by the pint-sized princess of Pop. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself and ignore all those so-called rules!

6. Be honest with your hairdresser

Kylie admits there have been a few hair disasters in the past! This was because she found it really awkward to speak up when she didn’t like something. “It’s better to just be totally direct and say, ‘What on earth have you done? Start again’ she advises.

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