summer skin in 5 simple steps

5 steps to summer skin

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5 steps to summer skin

Summer skin can be a hard look to pull off. Every year we swear we’ll do better. The dream: a bronzed vision, floating down the street in a flowing Vita-Kin kaftan and lace up gladiator sandals. The reality? There’s a waterfall of sweat on your top lip, your hair can best be described as ‘Monica in Barbados’ and your sandals are falling apart after you managed to stand in the only puddle in north London.

We can’t help you with the sandals (or the hair, soz) but we can get your skin ready to glow:


Your skin is the body’s largest living organ and the first line of defence against hazards in the environment. In the summer, you shed skin cells at an elevated daily rate. If you don’t remove these dead cells, skin can look dull and dry, not to mention shiny.

Exfoliating is essential  – it removes dead skin, preventing congestion and clogged pores as well as helping your moisturiser absorb better.  Soap & Glory’s scrub contains salicylic acid for super smooth skin. 

Summer skin saver: Soap and Glory Exfoliator

Soap & Glory The Greatest Scrub of All: £9, www.soapandglory.com

2. Detox

Once you’ve exfoliated, use a face mask to open the pores and draw out impurities for squeaky clean summer skin. Your oohar face mask in this month’s parcel uses natural ingredients and essential oils to rejuvenate tired skin. Use a mask once or twice a week to help prevent breakouts. If you have oily/combination skin opt for a clay based mark while a hydrating mask is better for sensitive or dry skin.

Summer skin saver: face mask

ooharr face mask (various), free in this month’s box

3. Protect

The sun is at its strongest during the summer months and it’s important to protect your skin from damage from both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are one of the most significant causes of premature ageing while UVB rays cause sunburn and many forms of skin cancer. Make-up with SPF probably won’t do the job as you won’t be applying it in large enough quantities.

Opt for a daily moisturiser with SPF instead. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defence SPF 50 is a cult classic, offering an ultra-light formula with both UVA and UVB protection. Wear it under your make-up for all-day protection. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and is oil-free.

Summer skin saver: moisturiser with SPF

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50, £35, www.kiehls.co.uk


4. Get the glow

A sweep of bronzer gives a healthy, sun-kissed look and adds definition to the face. Apply in the shape of a number three on the sides of your face: along the hairline, below the cheekbone and below the jaw line. Blending is essential to avoid any lines. We love this one from Bobbi Brown.


Summer skin saver: Bobbi Brown bronzer

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, £28.50, www.johnlewis.com

5. Add a hat

The most stylish way to stay safe in the sun? With a hat, of course. The high street hat game is strong this summer: we’re particularly taken with this Eugenia-Kim inspired slogan number from Oliver Bonas. Wear it with pride and summon the the sun gods in style.

Summer skin saver: Oliver Bonas hat

Hat, £24, Oliver Bonas

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